Any country in the world has the same recipe for making a sandwich: two slices of bread (baguette, bagel or other bakery product) and an interior with meat or vegetables and sauces. Although the recipe is the same, each country has its own local touch, making a sandwich stand out and become one of those flagship meals you always remember.

Since sandwiches are probably the most common food for tourists (you can enjoy one while exploring the city, without having to stay in a restaurant) we are going to go over some of the most memorable sandwiches you have to try when travelling to a certain country. So, here are ten sandwiches from all over the world you shouldn’t miss while travelling.

1. France: Croque Madame

France is generally known as the country of baguettes, croissants and perfect pastry whish always tastes divine. Croque – madame mean slices of grilled toast with ham and cheese and a topping of fried egg. C’est magnifique!

2. Turkey: Doner Kebab

Doner Kebab is actually better known on the streets of Berlin than those of Istanbul, being brought by the Turkish community in Germany. Doner Kebeb remains, however, an oriental creation. In a tasty pita, this kebab includes rotisserie meats (chicken, beef or both, flavored with different spices), vegetables, sauces and fries. It is a complete meal. If you’re worried about the extra calories, you can lose the fries.

3. Portugal: Francesinha

A sandwich full of flavor, almost drowned in melted cheese that you will have a hard time eating without a plate. It is filled with ham, sausage or meat made in the oven, covered with tomato and a beer sauce after a recipe kept secret in Portuguese cuisine.

4. Netherlands: Broodje Kroket

This snack resembles a sandwich in another sandwich. It is said that a Dutch consumes about 29 Broodje Kroket every year. The crochet in the middle is filled with a good sauce and fried, then placed in a fluffy bun.

5. Belgium: Mitraillette

Belgium is the country of fried potatoes. So their national sandwich has included fries as the main ingredients, along with meat.

6. Italy: Panini

This sandwich has been the emblem of Italy and has won the world since the ’70s, when it began to be sold in bars in Milan. Ever since, the slices of bread that in the middle contain fine ham and cheese, rolled in a grilled have been delighting everyone. Find in dozens of variants and combinations at all kiosks and of the peninsula, the Panini is also served in various countries simply because it is very easy to make and very delicious. But nothing compares to the Italian Panini.

7. Serbia: Pljeskavica

Pljeskavica is the Western Balkan relative of the hamburger, made with a mixture of minced pork and beef and is served either on the plate or in pita (bread). Simply delicious.

8. Poland: Zapiekanka

More like pizza than a sandwich but it is impressive in size. A Zapiekanka is a baguette cut in half lengthwise with a topping of cheese and other goodies. You will not be able to eat it alone unless you are very hungry.

9. Austria: Bosna

Bosna is a sandwich with German influences, which strikingly resembles the American hot dog. It is made with bratwurst (German sausage), onion rings and mustard.

10. Spain: Bocadillo

Bodadillo is a delicious Spanish sandwich with a wide variety of fillings: tortilla, squid, cheese, ham, pork loin, etc. In some Spanish regions, give extra flavor to the bread by spreading over-ripe tomato or olive oil.

We’re sure you are now in the mood for a sandwich. We know we are. Do you have a favorite recipe for sandwiches? Is there a particular ingredient you cannot do without in your sandwich? Make sure you leave a comment bellow.