christmas makeup ideas

You do not need a reason to highlight your beautify with makeup, but Christmas is the time when you can have fun with your image. The Christmas celebration is just around the corner and we decided to help you with a selection of ideas for Christmas makeup.

Whether you choose to spend the holidays in the comfort of your home or party with friends, these makeup ideas will help you decide on your transformation, so check out these pictures and choose which look you think suits you best.

1. Be bright

A Christmas makeup that sparkles is always a great idea and luckily there are plenty of beautiful, shiny metal makeup, with almost tropical allure.

For this type of makeup make sure you use a concealer illuminator that you will apply to your temples down to the cheekbones to add freshness and shine that will draw attention. For the eyes, use dark tones like gold, copper, metal and finish the image with a blush and metallic lipstick that compliments your complexion.

2. A dramatic Image

Do you like vivid pigments? But most importantly, are you brave enough to play with these pigments? If the answer is yes, you should highlights your seductive side. Purple, emerald green, black are the most popular colors to use when trying to add depth and drama to your eyes, so be creative and sculpt your perfect eyes. A little eye liner, mascara applied to the lashes, a red or nude lipstick will complete your image and give you a cinematic allure that will attract attention.

3. Modest makeup

If you want to be safe or you just want a natural and romantic Christmas look, delicate pastels are the answer to your needs! Create some well-defined eyes with a pink / shiny beige (you can create some natural shadows), a well applied mascara, a natural looking cheeks with a blush of pink / light pink / peach and decorate lips or lipstick with glitter.

4. Smoky eye makeup

Always preferred for special occasions, the smoky eyes makeup trend doesn’t seem to go out of style.

You can do a smoky eye makeup in rich accents of coral, purple, blue or emerald green, metallic. Softer or more pronounced, faded towards the arcade or cat eye style will be chosen based on your facial features;

Here’s a step- by- step tutorial to help you to get a smoky eye makeup perfectly.

5. Cat eye makeup

Cat eye makeup is one of the most popular retro makeup styles and at the same time, a perfect option for a Christmas party.

This type of makeup lengthens and accentuates the eyes, while having anti -aging effects on the traits. If you learn quickly from the step- by- step explanations, at the end of this tutorial you will have the knowledge to make it yourself.

6. Retro glamorous makeup

Retro makeup has remained one of the favorite makeup styles for women at important events, because it gives a special elegance and accentuates all the features without requiring a dramatic change.

The look worn by divas of the Golden Age of Hollywood is characterized by lightness, elegance and sophistication, as well as some typical coordinates – ink line, false eyelashes and abundant red lipstick.

7. Turquoise

Jessica Alba gives a great example that if you are not fond of strong colors on the lips, you can move the focus on the eyelids, and in this case you can improvise with a little color. Turquoise is the star, so you can put it to work (on the base of upper lashes only). Do not forget to emphasize the natural eyebrows with two coats of mascara. Have fun!

8. Brown for green

Green eyes are very well emphasized with brown color, so you can choose what color you want depending on the time of day. You can also use a black or brown eyeliner. If you choose the brown, make sure it is one or two shades darker shadow from which you are applying.

9. Purple makeup

Another shade recommended for people with green eyes is purple. It is better to use it, if you have a light shade of green eyes, in combination with a light shimmer. We recommend you to outline your eyes with a black pencil focusing on the mobile eyelid outward.

10. Ice Queen Makeup

If you’re the type of person party girl, who likes to tell jokes, and you like to surprise your friends every time with your great look, do not hesitate to use cold and intense colors in tune with the atmosphere, such as gray, blue, or purple. Choose colorless lip glosses and accentuate cheekbones with rosy pink, slightly pearlescent.