Monotony is the biggest enemy in a relationship and once it gets settled, it’s hard to get rid of it.

There are times when we think about the romantic dates in the beginning, the surprises that we were doing to each other, the kind words that you said to each other.

I’m not saying monotony hasn’t got its good parts, but as long as he doesn’t come home from work and the first thing he does is to sit on the couch with a bottle of beer, in front of the TV while she slaps a few fries and ribs for dinner.

If things are going in this direction, it’s time to take matter in your own hands and bring back romance. Here are ten awesome ideas to bring back romance into your lives.

1. Surprise date

Call him and tell him you want to go out tonight. Do not give him any details, even if he asks. Give him a few pointers on clothes and the place where you will meet. Wait for him there and surprise him with tickets to a concert, theater tickets, a reserved table at a restaurant or anything else that he would not expected.

He will appreciate your initiative.

2. Prepare an unexpected ride

Choose a day of the weekend to go and rent a car for the rest of the day. Tell him to be prepared because you’re going to pick him up. Find a quiet place outside the city where you can pull over and look at the stars.

3. Day date

Choose an afternoon off and tell him to do the same. Meet somewhere in the street and go to a street festival where you try everything you can find. From games to sweets, specialties and other interesting things.

It will be an interesting and fun experience.

4. Flavor day

You must have a store nearby with specialties made of chocolate or a restaurant with an assortment of wine or beer. Ask your partner to go wine tasting or somewhere where you can try different flavors.

It’s probably something you don’t do every day and you have not done before, so it will be a pleasant moment that will remain in your memory forever.

5. A fancy lunch

Yes, a romantic dinner is a cliché and it’s something you have done a lot of time. So, this time, do it differently: the fancy, romantic lunch. Choose an elegant restaurant in your city and book a table. Put on a smart casual look and book the whole day for just the two of you.

Besides the fact that you will have a unique lunch, you will spend the whole day together as you did at first.

6. Touristic date

Surely you have not yet discovered all the places in your city or neighborhood. Take your partner by the hand and play the role of tourists who just arrived in town. Try to discover all the attractions, the most unusual restaurants and crowded bars.

7. Thinking about the past

Remember and recreate the most beautiful date you had so far. If this took place in a restaurant, go there, at the same table and asked to be served by the same waiter. Order the same dishes and try to remember what you talked about and how was your relationship then.

8. Road trip

It’s Friday night, you come home after a hectic week and all you want to do is to rest … until the next morning when you throw a couple of T-shirts, two pairs of pants and a toothbrush in a backpack, take first train and get off where you find more beautiful scenery.

9. Boat date

No, we’re not talking about a boat ride on a lake, but a great dinner served on a luxury boat. For one evening, forget everyday problems and invest in your comfort, in the pleasures and your favorite moments.

10. Dancing lessons

Do you like Latin dances? Or maybe classic ones? Or want to try ballroom dancing. Subscribe to dance classes and make them a habit. It will not represent a routine because it is designed to unwind you, to make you come closer and experience something new.