10 Ideas for Family Activities on a Rainy Day

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Nothing is more depressing than a rainy day in the middle of summer. Children are stuck in the house without any plans and we don’t hear them only once that they are bored.

We propose a list of ten ideas that can be life saving on rainy days in which no parks and no swimming pools, walks or any type of outdoor activity is possible. If you have older children, they themselves can choose from this list of favorite activities. The important time is that you get to spend time together and make a rainy day a beautiful excuse for having fun.

fun family activities on rainy days

1. The toys need a bit of reorganizing

You cannot even imagine how much fun you can have with this type of activity. Gather together, smaller and larger members of the family around drawers or boxes with toys and start selecting. Most definitely you will come across all sorts of objects and old toys that will arouse nostalgia, toys and objects forgotten now found.

2. Record strange sounds from the environment

If you have a tape recorder start using it by recording the sound of water taping in the sink, the sound of the door squeaking or when you slam it. Give the idea to close friends and neighbors and then listen to all the recording and try to identify whose door creaks or what sound is that you’re hearing. It will be fun.

fun family activities on rainy days

3. Record a story

With the same tape recorder, record a story all the members of the family read together, each one playing a different role. Each can have his small bit to read and you can personalize it by using a different voice. That will certainly be fun for the whole family. In addition, think that this recording can make a great gift for the grandparents or something you can all listen to after years and years and e amazed how your voices have changed and how you sounded ten years ago.

fun family activities on rainy days

4. Have fun with a puzzle

Go and buy a big puzzle, the entire family can work on. Gather in the living room and make a big mess on the rug. It can be a really fun time for both children and for the adults.

fun family activities on rainy days

5. Recycle using old objects

You must have some old things you want to get rid of, like old furniture. Instead of doing that, turn it into a fun activity. Gather all the house boxes, parts from old car or household appliances, bring scissors, paper, glue and try to put parts together  so that they mean something. You will be surprised how much imagination can have children.

fun family activities on rainy days

6. Build a house of cards

Especially if you don’t have other games in the house, take a pack of cards and build a house or a castle. It takes a lot of skills and patience and it is something fun the whole family can do for hours.

fun family activities on rainy days

7. Organize an obstacle course in the house

Of course, before getting to it, parents must agree to this type of game. Move smaller and lighter furniture and place them as obstacles, and with beds or mattresses you can create tunnels through which you must pass.

fun family activities on rainy days

8. Skills exercise

Try walking around the room with a book on your head. If it seems too easy at first, add another book or two, and then, on top of books, put a toy. Who manages to walk with most objects on the head, wins.

fun family activities on rainy days

9. Create your own tent inside the house

Who says you have to go outside to camp? You’re going to need beds, pillows, duvets, try to connect them together or support them to armchairs or sofas. Once the tent is ready, bring some snacks, a flashlight, a CD player and stay there for a while, as you would in the woods. Don’t forget to tell horror stories.

fun family activities on rainy days

10. Invent games with a ball of string

Children and their imagination can invent a lot of fun activities from a string. They can use it as an elevator, lifting different toys. It’s great when you see your children playing with something as simple as a rope and they manage to turn it into a fun game. Really goes to show you that you don’t need expensive toys to have fun.

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