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Are you looking for inspiration in creating outfits? You don’t have any idea what is hot and what is not? Do you easily get lost in fashion trends? Well, you need to start reading some fashion blogs asap. We are presenting today some of the best fashion blogs you can find online, and believe me, there are a lot of them. We have chosen these blogs due to their notoriety and their influence in the fashion industry. Magazines quote them, companies give them money to advertising space, free products or send them in campaigns all over the world as promoters of a certain brand. So here are ten influential fashion blogs you should follow.


A gorgeous photo blog in which a New York fashionista keeps you updated with everything new on the streets of the metropolis, what people wear, and especially what happens during fashion events.


With a global reach High Snobiety is one of the most powerful resources for fashion news on the Internet. Launched in 2005, the site now has writers and bloggers from all over the world that present the latest street fashion styles and lifestyle trends. Needless to say it a great source to see what is going on, fashion wise, in different places of the world and adapt your wardrobe if you are traveling to a certain region.


Take the pulse of some of the coolest fashion cities. This blog keeps you up to date with everything that’s fashion, beauty and shopping, and you get their news from the coolest launches, parties and lifestyle events worldwide. It is a blog you should have access to daily. Better yet, bookmark it now.


It is the largest online database of the fashion world. Here you can find campaigns, collections and fashion gigs, see what are the coolest models of moments and read through them the best fashion magazines worldwide. Again, a must- click.


This is the personal blog of a fashionista in LA, Emily, who has turned her passion into a full-time job. Her boyfriend takes her photos and fashion brands always ask for her advice. If you want to inspire from her cool style for the warm days to come, Cupcakes and Cashmere is an excellent choice.


The place where you can find anything of interest for you, with some great photos. Fashion beauty, collections, celebrities – you literally can find everything you’re interested in here. The blog has been taken over by Huffington Post and became stronger than ever. Totally worth it.


The person behind Garance Dore is a French woman who lives in the world of fashion since 2006 and her blog has managed to become highly influential. Here you can find pictures of street fashion, tips, portraits , parties and everything that has to do with “la vie francaise”. And believe us when we tell you that the French know their fashion.


One of the largest independent fashion sites, Fashionista is a collection of fashion news, career tips and everything that has to do with the fabulous life style of the people in the fashion world. Here you can find tips on street style and analysis of the outfits worn by celebrities. Extremely educational.


Hypebeast is a highly complex global platform with over 3 million unique visitors per month. Their influence in the fashion world is very large and the forums are able to connect millions of people worldwide. Here you can find everything related to style, art, culture, technology, jobs and lifestyle.


The Sartorialist fully deserves to be # 1. This blog set the tone in street style photography and has been a model for many bloggers who have come to turn their passion for fashion into a real career. The founder, who is also a blogger and photographer, Scott Schuman, take the pulse of the street fashion all over the world.

Where do you find inspiration when it comes to creating an outfit? Are there any fashion blogs you read constantly? Make sure you tell us about them as well.