“Sex and the City” was released in 1998. Yes, exactly 15 years have passed since. However, Sex and the City remains one of the phenomenon series we all watched. Despite the time that has passed, we still have much to learn from Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte.

1. Find your own style

It is easy to note that the four characters around who the action takes place are different types of women and this is reflected best in the outfits they wore. Carrie was always one step ahead and had the courage to combine clothes in a unique way. Miranda was a professional from head to toe and knew how to wear an office attire with plenty of attitude. Samantha was sexy bomb group, always dressed up and paying attention to the smallest details. Charlotte was an incurable romantic, with a classic attitude, even vintage.

2. Being single is not a tragedy

Yes, it can be dramatic to breakup with your boyfriend, but Sex and the City has taught women to treat any breakup like a step forward.

3. There is a middle ground between personal life and career

Miranda showed us this. Although Brady was a little surprise for her, this has not to prevent her from having a successful career. With all the sleepless nights, bags under the eyes, she raised her child and evolved professionally.

It’s not easy and it does not happen overnight, but not impossible. You don’t have to give up professional fulfillment for the joys of motherhood.

4. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship

But there are soul mates. At least, that is the lesson learned from Charlotte. When she married Trey MacDougal, her life seemed like a picture in a magazine magazine. They were both beautiful people with careers and money. Order, harmony, love. Although apparently were made for each other, they had nothing in common.

They divorced and Charlotte expected great love which came in the person of Harry Goldenblatt. A short, stocky Jew with a hairy back who made her happy as opposed to boy-toy MacDougal.

5. Keep your friends

Sometimes, we can break ties with our friends. The reasons are multiple. Hectic lifestyle, jealous boyfriends, family problems, dog problems. Excuses are many but in the end, when you have a broken heart and you don’t see a way out your friends will help you more than do any lover, therapist or bottle of vodka could.

6. Do not lose your personality

When someone loves you, he loves you just the way you are and doesn’t ask you to change. Love doesn’t mean your personality merges with the other’s, it’s about keeping your individuality and find the middle ground. No need to give up who you are for someone that may not be in your life next week.

7. Beauty has no age limit

You can be a beautiful woman at any age and this is illustrated perfectly by Samantha. Despite the fact that between her and the other three women is a considerable age difference (about 10 years), Samantha looks and feels fabulous in her skin!

8. Embrace your choices

No matter the decisions you make, you have to embrace and accept then. Whether it’s as easy as changing clothing style or as complicated as sexuality.

9. Conflicts are normal between friends

If you want someone to always agree with you and encourage you, whatever decisions you make, then you need a puppy. Or a mirror. Friends have different views and when they come in contradiction, it is absolutely normal to have conflicts. This does not mean that a friendship is irreparably destroyed.

As in the case of loving relationships, you have to respect the opinion and individuality of your friend even if it sometimes it’s not something you agree with.

10. Accept failures, learn from them and move on

The most important life lessons we learn through the most painful methods. But a broken heart is often the best teacher a woman can have. Learn from your mistakes and analyze them objectively to protect yourself in the future. And when you say to yourself “I will not do that again!”, remember how much it hurt the first time and keep your word.