There is a natural instinct that all men have towards evil, which is manifested in real life as debauchery, lust or passion. In fact, these passions with which we live and that sooner or later hurt us are flaws (weakness for alcohol, gambling obsessions etc.) and our predisposition towards them is guaranteed by the zodiac sign that governs our lives.

So each sign has its flaws and it’s best you knew about them.

1. Aries

Those born under this sign think that they are right in any situation and have a hard time believing that there is someone else who knows what’s best for him and for others. From a different perspective, most Aries are prone to compulsive alcohol, being a zodiac sign which is attracted to the intensity of higher degrees.

2. Taurus

In the deepest darkness of the soul, Taurus loses its mind when it comes to money and the comfort it can offer. Love for luxury can metamorphose into the biggest enemy of this zodiac sign.

Moreover, the Taurus has passion for smoking, which attacks his throat (the most vulnerable part of his body).

3. Gemini

Although seemingly positive the Gemini’s need for new things can easily become a flaw. And of all things new, it appears that smoking and alcohol have a special predisposition.

Because they want to know the hidden beauty of life, or experience strong sensations, Gemini natives will not smoke nor drink just like everybody else – he will always try a new tobacco, or other herbs and other types of alcohol increasingly extravagant.

4. Cancer

As strange as it sounds, the biggest flaw of Cancer is neither alcohol nor lust for money, but gossip or the need to talk about everything that surrounds them, people included.

Cancer has no bad intentions, would not harm anyone, but finds himself talking about others, criticizing harshly.

5. Leo

It’s not even a surprise that Leos are dependent of self-praise, the flaw which coordinates their lives, for which they are willing to make compromise or even behave incorrectly.

It is a flaw which comes from a relentless need to confirm their own qualities. The desire to be the center of attention can become their daily burden.

6. Virgo

It’s hard to choose a flaw for those born under this sign because Virgos have a natural tendency to be very disciplined and in full control of their own lives. Unlike all the other signs, Virgo has an incredible dose of self-control.

However, in the rare times, Virgos tend to love alcohol because it is an aphrodisiac which also helps them dream. When it comes to food, their love for sweets is worth mentioning.

7. Libra

In absolute terms, we could say that Libras are born with the flaw of playing with luck, their own luck in life, in general. They have a natural predisposition to miss luck, though sometimes it seems they are going straight for it.

Therefore, Libras must be aware and control their steps so as to avoid the repeatability of this “flaw” which in practice can easily turn into passion for gambling. Also this sign, especially women, love good food and are real artists in the kitchen. But they must beware of the tendency to eat too much good food.

8. Scorpio

Because the center of gravity of the Scorpio is sexual activity, then its biggest flaw is in this area. Yes, sexual passion of Scorpios can turn passion into their ultimate dependence, always wanting more.

9. Sagittarius

It is said that Sagittarius is the most vicious of the whole Zodiac signs, he would try anything, as long as it is new and special.

In fact, the main problem is that Sagittarius tends not to have a sense of proportion in everything he does, he does not like half-measures, and guides his life by the principle of all or nothing.

10. Capricorn

The need for a high social status can become the most dangerous flaw of Capricorns, emphasizing that money will not necessarily make them lose their mind, but the place they hold in society. Then, the native of this sign is forced to violate certain principles, which, at some point, will do more harm than good.

Let’s not forget the last two zodiac signs, Aqaurius and Pisces. When it comes to addictions, Aquarius are very similar to Gemini: they like to try new things. Aquarius loves adrenaline.

The mystical nature of Oisces is the premise for its biggest flaw – the belief in superstitions. There are natives of this sign who spend fortunes going to see witches All Pisces need to find out what is going to happen and they are frightened by the unknown.