Do you think you know everything about unwanted hair removal? Guess again. Some women make frequent mistakes and they don’t even know it.

1. Women don’t exfoliate

Skin exfoliating is the best way to prevent ingrown hairs – regardless of the method you use for hair removal. It’s not mandatory to resort to products for mechanical exfoliating (with abrasive particles), you can also use products that contain alpha hydroxyacids, which remove the layer of dead cells on the skin surface. However, my opinion is that using homemade scrubs is the best alternative. Coffee grounds sugar or other things you have at home that contain abrasive particles will work just fine and they are a lot cheaper compared to products you buy from the store.

2. Women shave first thing in the morning

Shaving first thing in the morning is practical because you use the razor at the end of the shower, but that’s not exactly efficient. Overnight, a woman’s legs can swell and can hide some of the hair. The best solution is to shave in the evening, so that the blade has a better grip.

3. Women shave during hot bats

Hot baths and hot water can also make your legs swell slightly, so it is better to avoid this particular time of the day. Cold water is the best ally for the blade, not hot water.

4. Women shave using a blunt razor blade

This is probably the most common mistake done by women when it comes to removing unwanted hair. Many women leave their razor blade in the bathroom for days, weeks, months on end and still uses. Razor blades rust easily especially if they have water on them most of the time or they sit in an environment where hot steam is part of a regular day. Experts say that after five rounds of use, you can throw it away. It is no longer as effective as when you first used it and it can cause skin damage in the form of irritation. Our recommendation is to go for the Gillette Venus & Olay device.

5. Women avoid shaving foam

Using a shaving foam prevents irritation and helps remove more a half a millimeter more of hair. Apply it in the opposite direction of hair growth and then uses the blade: lifting the hairs will help you act closer to the skin.

6. Women leave their skin vulnerable

If you are using a retinol treatment is best that you stop the treatment a week before your appointment for a waxing salon. Retinol makes the skin more sensitive and the hot wax just irritates it. Another good idea if you’re planning to wax is not to exfoliate a day or two before your appointment. If you have sensitive skin and you just exfoliated it, the hot wax may not only remove unwanted hair, but a layer of skin. So, be careful!

7. Women remove unwanted hair too often

You might be tempted to makes salon appointments too often of grab your razor at the first sign of a new hair. Experts say you need to face this temptation. The best hair removal is done when the hair is at least half a centimeter long, which will ensure rapid and uniform removal.

8. Women don’t use properly wax

When we go to a salon for waxing, the procedure looks so easy, but at home it is very easy to make a mistake because the position of your body is not the best one. The most important thing is to keep the skin firmly in opposite direction to the direction in which you have remove the depilatory strip. Otherwise, you can face nasty injuries.

9. Women remove unwanted hair in an inappropriate time of the month

During and after menstruation are more sensitive than usual and pain feels a little more intense. So it would be great to schedule all sessions of hair removal around ovulation, when the whole process will seem easier.

10. Women don’t hydrate their skin

Another frequent mistake that women make when it comes to unwanted hair removal is not to hydrate their skin after shaving. They think that if they don’t have a rash, they should not apply a moisturizer. But, most of the times, skin rashes can appear even after half an hour after shaving, so moisturizing is a must. Another thing you should avoid is to apply perfume or deodorant on a recently shaved skin.