famous mistresses

The statute of mistress is not completely worthy, right or even admirable, but it happens to many women and they assume this role, for various reasons.

Some love so much that they are willing to make this sacrifice others simply fit this lifestyle and some remain in history for the impact they had, in the first place by means of such a statute.

These are the mistresses who influenced history: famous mistresses

1. Aspasia

In 400 BC, an immigrant from Miletus, Aspasia, became head mistress of Pericles. In her home gathered the best minds who plotted philosophies of life and future of the world. In her salon gathered the greatest minds of the time and her words were transmitted to future generations by Xenophon, Cicero and Quintilian.

Before becoming the famous mistress of Pericles, Aspasia was already recognized for her intelligence, she is the one who taught philosophy and rhetoric of Socrates.

famous mistresses

2. Malinche

In 1519, Hernan Cortes conquered today’s Mexico, and among the slaves received was Malinche. She became so close to him, that people perceive them as a whole. It is said that because of her, Cortes managed to conquer the Aztec empire.

famous mistresses

3. Cixi

In 1835 in China, there was mistress Cixi, who in terms of this statute, managed to be emancipated, learned to read, to be connected to the realities of the world and thus came to influence the decisions of the king. Moreover, she gave birth to the heir to the throne. After his death, Cixi was co-regent of her son. After he died, she became leader of China for three decades.

famous mistresses

4. Jeanne- Antoinette de Pompadour

Jeanne- Antoinette de Pompadour was the mistress of the French King Louis XV and the king’s advisor. She gained a huge political power in France during that century.

5. Lola Montez

Lola Montez, of Spanish origin, but born in Ireland, has maintained intimate relations with several artists, including Franz Liszt.

Eventually, she became the mistress of King Ludwig of Bavaria, who made her Countess and who subsequently gave her much of his fortune. She was so hated by people, that Ludwig was forced to chase her away, but it was too late for him: after the 1848 revolution, he abdicated.

6. Elena Lupescu

“By her interference in politics, no less than 12 governments have failed and four consecutive elections were held”, said a Romanian politician in 1934. Carol II lived a mad love for which he was willing to sacrifice everything: his love for Elena Lupescu, who was fist his mistress and then his wife.

In 1923, the two fled from Romania, King Carol renouncing the throne for Elena who, in turn, followed him in exile.

7. Emilie du Chatelet

In 1733, Emilie du Chatelet, who was married at that time, became the mistress of Voltaire who was 12 years older.

It is rumored that she is the one who taught him the basics of physics, remaining in history one of the most famous physicists and mathematicians in Europe.

famous mistresses

8. George Eliot

Mary Ann Evans, also known as George Eliot, the extremely talented writer, was the mistress of George Lewes, who actually helped her discover her writing talent. Philosopher and critic George Henry Lewes met Evans in 1851, and by 1854 they decided to live together. Lewes was married to Agnes Jervis, but they agreed to have an open marriage, and out of the three children they had together, Agnes had several children from other men. Since Lewes was named on the birth certificate as the father of one of these children, although he knew it to be false, he was later considered a accomplice in adultery, and was not been able to divorce Agnes.

famous mistresses

9. Virginia Hill

Virginia Hill, the most powerful and trustworthy of all Mafia women, has earned this distinction by her relationship with mobster Bugsy Siegel. Hardened by a childhood full of abuse, Virginia Hill became one of the most influential women in the Mafia.

famous mistresses

10. Celia Sanchez

Fidel Castro’s mistress became an expert in weapons and was a very good organizer, claiming even more functions while Fidel Castro had several mistresses.