Most Awaited Music Albums in 2018

2014 is getting ready to receive album releases of recognized names in the music industry and of artists who made the buzz, but didn’t hit it big yet. Here are some of the most important music albums you will be able to listen to in 2018.

1. The New Classic from Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is this less known to us, but she managed to attract the attention of the musical world through her first EP. The Australian rapper began a rivalry with Azealia Banks and copycat accusations flew from both sides. Even so, Iggy announced that her first album, The New Classic, will appear this year in March, after numerous discussions between her and the label.

2. Broke with Expensive Taste from Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks still threatens us with her debut album, Broke with Expensive Taste, and she has already reached the second year of deferral. Also in March we should have it, finall. The buzz given by the song 212 is sort of long gone, the single produced by Pharrell – ATM Jam, did not do too well.

3. Lana Del Rey and Ultraviolence

Although it was rumored that Lana will not release anything because she has not found her creative flow, at the release of the movie Tropico, the artist announced a new disc. Given the success and buzz from Born to Die, she has much work to do in order to achieve the same standard.

4. Rihanna

She made first break in 2013 and did not release a new disc, as she did for the past seven years. However, in 2018 she could prepare something new, considering the fact that she has taken critics by surprise lately: in the middle of the dance trend, she launched Diamonds, but it was a trend that she herself launched with the release of We Found Love in 2012.

5. Nicki Minaj

She said she entered the studio and began recording a new album. The style changed much (maybe because she fired the entire team of stylists), going with a more natural look and she is likely to return to the rap that made her famous. Finally, people started to appreciate her for the mixtapes and less for her dance songs that brought her success in very good charts and record sales.

6. Lily Allen

Lily Allen is a long awaited presence, because since 2009, we have not heard from her, the singer focusing more on family life. But at the end of 2013, she came with a new song and a video in which he mocked the entire music industry, so we can expect a super disc.

7. Kendrick Lamar

He has sparked some controversy and discussion in the past year, but in 2018 we expect a new disc. The favorite in the rap area until Eminem’s return (with whom he has a song) has a tough year ahead of him – to prove that he can repeat the success of the disc good kid, m.A.A.d. city. Or he can make terrible mistakes, disappointing fans.

8. Frank Ocean

He was the spoiled baby of 2012 and although the music industry praised him a lot, the Grammys were not too generous with him. However, Channel Orange remains a very good album and if the R & B artist managed to pass safely over his vocal problems, we expect something good from him in 2018.

9. Busta Rhymes and Extinction Level Event 2

Busta should launch Extinction Level Event 2, an album meant to bring him in the tops, showing again why Busta is a name that should be taken into account. If we go by the first single, Thank You, we should assist to the return of Busta.

10. Adele, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira

Last, but not least, there are new albums announced from artists like Adele, who returns after a well-deserved break, Jennifer Lopez, who has already said she will release the first single soon, Shakira, announcing a single with Rihanna, and the list is open.

Which music album are you waiting for in 2018? Which artist do you believe will come up with something new?