12 Most Boring 2014 Oscar Dresses

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Unlike the Academy Awards from previous years, this year’s Oscars did not have so many mistakes in terms of clothing, but that does not mean they did not exist. Fortunately, our critical eyes spotted everything and we have proof. Here are 12 boring 2014 Oscar dresses.

Most Boring 2014 Oscar Dresses

1. Liza Minnelli in blue pajamas

Liza Minnelli captured all eyes with her appearance on the red carpet, but in the negative way. The blue asymmetric pajamas which she chose to wear, which matched a stripe of her hair in the same color, seemed detached from the wardrobe of the Smurfs and critics had no mercy.

Most Boring 2014 Oscar Dresses

2. Whoopi Goldberg, another Gala, another failure

As if her black sleeveless dress, worn with a white shirt and completed with a beads necklace wasn’t enough of a bad idea for her appearance on the red carpet at the Oscars, actress Whoopi Goldberg wanted to show she can be capable of more on the stage, so she also raised her dress to show a nightmarish landscape: some red-heeled shoes “assorted” with a pair of stockings in black and white.

Most Boring 2014 Oscar Dresses

3. Sally Hawkins, uncomfortable to look at

Nothing is wrong with this precious lace dress the actress Sally Hawkins chose to wear, but you do not even feel like wearing this Valentino creation, because it seems too hard and uncomfortable. At least this is the impression the actress left us with.

Most Boring 2014 Oscar Dresses

4. Kristen Bell, boring in Cavalli

The Roberto Cavalli dress worn by Kristin Bell was dull, suited rather for a prom. The tasteless lilac shade of the creation, to which the actress added a very poor inspired hairstyle, made sure she became a victim of fashion critics all around.

Most Boring 2014 Oscar Dresses

5. Meryl Streep, we had bigger expectations

The Lanvin dress worn by actress Meryl Streep was not one of the best choices of the star. Even if she did not do anything wrong in terms of matching, the black skirt and cream blouse which fell on her shoulder were not glamorous enough to glow on this lady aged 65, who has accustomed us to be on top of things at events of such magnitude.

Most Boring 2014 Oscar Dresses

6. Penelope Cruz, at least she is beautiful

Penelope Cruz also failed to impress the audience in her pink Giambattista Valli dress. The black belt was considered too harsh to match the outfit with delicate pink of the outfit and the half-cape was so not an inspired choice.

Most Boring 2014 Oscar Dresses

7. Anna Kendrick, a complete disaster

The dress worn the Twilight actress, Anna Kendrick, was a complete disaster. Wanting to be in the center of attention at any cost, she chose a dress with a strange pattern: red flower embroidery at the waist matched with a clutch, but without any connection with the asymmetrical neckline or the split in the front of the dress.

Most Boring 2014 Oscar Dresses

8. The conservative Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga surprised everyone with her “nice” appearance. Accustoming viewers to seeing her in some particularly eccentric creation, the singer wore a metallic pink dress this time, a Versace, “seasoned” with a silk scarf regarded by critics as being too trivial.

Most Boring 2014 Oscar Dresses

9. Emma Watson, another boring appearance

Was also the dress chosen by actress Emma Watson. Although the dress was a Vera Wang signature and shoes were Jimmy Choo, the star did not rise to the title of most stylish appearance, a title she well-deserved previous years. Being young, perhaps more appropriate would have been a more colorful youthful creating.

Most Boring 2014 Oscar Dresses

10. Anne Hathaway, great, but o so much

Undoubtedly, Anne Hathaway was admired for the Gucci pencil dress, which highlighted the slim silhouette, but the metal breastplate that reflects light, destroyed the sophisticated effects of an outfit. From the back, the dress was more interesting, but that armor ruined everything.

Most Boring 2014 Oscar Dresses

11. Glenn Close, one of the biggest disappointments

One of the biggest disappointments of this year’s Oscar Awards was actress Glenn Close with her Zac Posen dress, mermaid style. The bolero was too much, the fabric too hard and overall the actress seemed downright surrounded by this outfit.

Most Boring 2014 Oscar Dresses

12. Julia Roberts needed more courage

Julia Roberts opted for a black lace dress with peplum cut, not bad, but is was ruined by the lace insertion at the top. At her 47 years, this actress is old enough to wear a more daring cleavage.

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