Cruel Ways in Which Women Treat the Men

When it comes to relationships, sometimes women can have inappropriate behaviors. Since the feminist movement gained ground and there has been established the equality between the sexes, the balance of power began to lean in the other direction, in favor of women

Many women began to apply more drastic tactics, now accepted socially. This is why we made a top ten of the most cruel ways in which women treat the men.

1. Giving them the wrong number phone

You feel proud and confident that you got her phone number. Your charm and physique seem to have impressed her. Unfortunately, when you call, there is no answer. Or, even worse, she gave you a wrong number.

2. Using men for free drinks

Some women go out thinking they will not spend money in bars or clubs. They rely on their feminine tricks that will convince men to buy them a drink. Some girls will take the opportunity to know the man in question, but others want to drink, flirt a little and then move on to the next man to empty his wallet.

3. They behave badly when they wish to end a relationship

You have a relationship for some time and you start to notice that your girlfriend is a little changed. Everything you do upsets her and she doesn’t seem to care very much that you are having a difficult period. She avoids your calls. She started to take her things from your place. All these things indicate that she wants to end into the relationship but she doesn’t have the courage to tell you directly.

4. Emotional manipulation

Men do not like to see women cry and some will use this in their favor to convince them to do what they want. Women are more emotional in general and some will take advantage of the fact that men often do not understand the excitement, but will do anything to end a fight.

5. Using physical strength

Men know that they should never hit a woman. Unfortunately, there are however some women who use violence. Some women find it perfectly normal to slap their boyfriends if they say something wrong.

6. The criticism and public quarrels

Women find some excuses that do not apply for men. When a woman laughs at a man or hurts him, others will be rather amused and will laugh than be surprised or dismayed.

7. Deception

You prepare with smart lines and a pleasing look to conquer the pretty girl you barely know. After long discussions, you finally get confident about asking her telephone number, she smiles and says: I have a boyfriend. It would have been better if she had shared this information from the beginning of the conversation. It is the worst thing a woman can do to a man.

8. Excuses

You think that after a hard and tiring week at work you will relax tonight and you will forget about problems by sharing a night of love with your girlfriend. But wouldn’t you know it? A headache. If you think about it, it’s not the first time you hear it. Other excuses include: I’m tired, my back hurts, I just ate etc. Men do not understand the subtleties, but already it is clear for them that these reasons are just excuses to get rid of sex.

9. Tests

You ready to spend a night with the boys, but your girlfriend asks you to refuse them and spend the evening with her. There is no particular reason for her to see you just when you have already made other plans. She just wants to see if you say no to your friends to spend time with her.

10. Flirting

Maybe they do it because they don’t feel appreciated, perhaps because you just had a fight or she just want to annoy you. Whatever the reason, women who flirt with other men in front of their boyfriends are immature and trying to manipulate you.