10 Movies about what the Future Holds for Mankind

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We want to live in a world of perfection. We aspire to a utopian society in which nature is protected, violence is no longer a problem, resources are used in a smart way and technological innovations serve to perfect human life on Earth … But what is the reality? Where is the human race heading? Aside from alien invasion, zombie or asteroid impact, some filmmakers have imagined all probable scenarios and their movies summarizes a fascinating world of the future, but mostly terrifying, marked by dystopia.

movies about the future of mankind

1. Elysium

Who wouldn’t like to live in a perfect world: white houses with bright green lawns, perfectly maintained, lovely blue swimming pools bathed by sunlight, a perfect life with classical music and the clinking of glasses? But all these “miracles” are up on the space station, Elysian Fields, created by the rich, an artificial paradise, where they aspire to eternal life. Bu down, ordinary people struggle to survive on an Earth ruined, with exhausted resources, overcrowded, dirty and dangerous. Like the hero of the film, Max (Matt Damon), many of the “unlucky” tried to reach the space station of the rich, in order to enjoy the benefits.

movies about the future of mankind

2. Equilibrium

The film is full of symbols of evil – the V reference is not about victory, but the horns of the devil, the figure of Big Brother brings to that of Hitler. Immanuel Goldstein, who claims that war which is killing the planet, is an invention that serves to maintain the regime good (Immanuel means in Hebrew “God is with us” and Emmanuel is a sort of Messiah).

movies about the future of mankind

3. Minority Report

The appearance of the world Minority Report seems the closest to technological developments now, and that’s because in the film had taken into account in detail all the possible developments. The holographic interfaces in the film are likely to become a reality and thus accurate in the rapid identification and location of persons. The film takes place in 2054, in Washington, a world where, thanks to the advance of science and technology, but also a fantastic element – the three human oracles, Pre-Cogs, – offenses, murder, have been removed. Thus, potential criminals are arrested even before doing the deed.

movies about the future of mankind

4. Children of Men

This society of the future is in danger of collapse because mankind has lost the ability to reproduce. No child has come into the world for 18 years, and in all countries, except the United Kingdom, chaos is slinging. Britain, under military rule, managed to maintain stability, but fighting hard with immigrants, eager to escape the dangers of the outside. Hope arises when a pregnant woman appears and she becomes a symbol for survival, for a new world better. With few references to technological developments, the film seems to be anchored in a contemporary landscape, a recognizable, but ruined world.

movies about the future of mankind

5. Gattaca

The film explores the possibility of a future in which permanently altered the structure of society. In this futuristic world, elite members are no longer conceived naturally, but birthed after a strict selection of the genetic material called “valid”. Those declared “invalid”, whose genotype show disease, a short life or a medium or low intellectual capacity, are given the lower assignments.

movies about the future of mankind

6. I, Robot

In I, Robot, the audience is captivated by Asimov’s concepts about the psychology of running robots and their laws, despite the threat of a robot out of control. Those fascinated by robotics have come to create the future of Artificial Intelligence described in humanoid robots, demonstrating empathy, emotions. But that has not stopped the world from disaster.

movies about the future of mankind

7. Solyent Green

One of the greatest thrillers depicting a dystopian world is Soylent Green, which shows a world where fruits and vegetables are extremely rare because of overpopulation and global warming. Therefore, the population survives only because of processed food rations provided by management, foods that are said to be made from sea plankton, the latest achievement of the Soylent Corporation, called Soylent Green.

movies about the future of mankind

8. In Time

It is hard to believe that such a system can occur in reality, a screening of the population, a world where, to maintain balance, people are forced to accept death at age 21 or 25, as seen in In Time. The idea is of perverse morality and reminds us of the discrepancy between rich and poor.

movies about the future of mankind

9. Mad Max

Although it is a vehicle for adventure and adrenaline, the film is based on an assumption easy to believe for the near future: oil depletion, a reason for unscrupulous individuals to engage in acts of violence. The first film in the series is just preparing the ground for the total depravity of society, when people build shelters to survive and organize in gangs and communities, and any form of state leadership disappears.

movies about the future of mankind

10. The Hunger Games

In a very grim future of humanity, the Earth went through fire and / or natural disasters have undergone drastic changes when came into the hands of ruthless rulers who would do anything to ensure their dominance and sufficient living.

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