Lars von Trier Movie

An erotic diary of a woman (played by Charlotte Gainsbourg) during adolescence until the age of 50. More specifically, until she is found unconscious in the woods by a man (Stellan Skarsgard), to whom she later confesses. This is the story of “Nymphomaniac”, a movie that we are all anxiously awaiting, another impressive piece by Lars von Trier. Most of his movies are about pain and violence and not everyone is a fan. But if you are looking to explore the universe created by von Trier, here are ten movies you should start with.

1. Dogville

The beautiful Grace (Nicole Kidman) arrives in a remote town called Dogville, trying to escape the pursuit of gangsters. Being encouraged by Tom (Paul Bettany), self-titled spokesperson, the tiny town community agrees to hide her. Instead, Grace agrees to do some work for the benefit of the residents. However, when the gangster come back for her, the people from Dogville demand a more “personal” services for a shelter.

2. Dancer in the Dark

Selma (a Czech immigrant), a single mother, works in a factory in the U.S.. Her passion is music, especially songs and dances from great Hollywood music comedies. Selma has a dramatic secret: she is losing her sight, and her son, Gene, will meet the same fate if she fails to raise enough money to pay for his surgery. When a neighbor accuses her of stealing his savings, the drama of her life is amplified, reaching a tragic apotheosis.

3. Idioterne

Idioterne is a group of young people having a common interest to explore the hidden values of idiocy. What seems initially a collection of abnormal is, in fact, a community of young rebels mimicking cretinism in protest. What’s the point of a society that is increasingly becoming rich without make its members happier? The philosophical idiots add: Being an idiot is a luxury, but a breakthrough, because idiots are the people of the future.

4. Antichrist

A couple lost son and she suffers terrible panic attacks. Her husband is a psychotherapist and despite all the warnings not to treat someone close, she begins to do so in the place where he has the biggest anxiety: Eden, a cabin in the woods. Therapy turns into a real battle between the sexes and fears begin to invade both of them, for he is not at all immune to the evil in nature.

5. Melancholia

Earth is threatened by collision with a much larger planet in this very European approach of Lars von Trier’s disaster movie genre. Trier’s drama, sometimes with touches of thriller, recounts the life and relationship of two sisters to be put to the test when a planet threatens to collide with ours.

The film focuses on the wedding of the character played by Kristen Dunst, initially presented as a happy time, but subsequently disturbed by intrigues in the family and unforeseen occurrence of a planet that had been hitherto hidden by the sun and now threatens to collide with the Earth.

6. Manderlay

This is strange and surprising story of the Manderlay plantation. Manderlay is on a lonely plain somewhere in southern USA. In 1933, Grace and her father left Dogville, leaving behind Grace’s unforgettable verdict: If any city without which the world would be a little better, this is Dogville. They drive to their home in Denver.

7. The Boss of It All

The owner of an IT company wants to sell, but he has a little problem. When he founded the company, he named a fictional director, who makes all the unpopular decisions. When the potential buyers insist on negotiating with the big boss, the owner hires an actor to portray him. But the actor discovers that he is a pawn in this game, which is the ultimately morality test.

8. Breaking the Waves

As an ostracized prostitute by the village elders, who often are at the graves of women, cursing them for the decay of men, Bess is drawn to the sea on a ship headed by Captain Udo Kier, but the last image of the film shows how her influence becomes truly miraculous. The story is difficult, but ultimately heartwarming, and could have become artificial if it were not for the surprisingly natural interpretation of Emily Watson.

9. Europa

In 1945, a young American of German origin comes to war-torn country to help rebuild Germany. His adventures follow the disorientation of a society torn by contradictions.

10. Medea

The ancient tragedy in the dark background of the North Sea, recomposed by von Trier from some haunting symbols that emerge from the first image and retain coherence to the latter: the sparkling sea, the moving sails, wavy hair, memory and forgetting.