must follow nutrition tips

Who does not want a good health and beautiful skin? You can have it too, if you know to eat and how much to eat. It is important for both health and beauty to have a healthy and balanced diet. Select foods that provide your daily intake of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

must follow nutrition tips

1. Variety in the diet, but not too much

Since there isn’t just one food that contains an optimal combination of essential nutrients such as fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins, water and fiber, a diet should primarily include the necessary nutrients from different groups to ensure optimal nutrition.

Of course, each group contains nutritious elements, which have a higher value in terms of physiology, nutrition, and others that have a lower value. Thus, in the group representing cereal and cereal products, a slice of whole bread has a higher value than a slice of toast made from white flour.

must follow nutrition tips
2. Less fat and fatty foods

Pay special attention to so-called, hidden fats. These include, for example, fat meats, cheese, eggs, cakes, chocolate etc.

Make sure you do not eat more than 30-40 grams of fat in a day. Thus, you will learn not only your daily intake of energy and your consumption of fat, but you will also learn and if these combinations of nutrients correspond with in the recommendations is a diet.

must follow nutrition tips
3. Spicy food, but not salty

Taste will adapt very quickly to salty food. If you eat very salty food for a few days, you will find later that food with a normal amount of salt is tasteless. Nowadays, many people consume on average about twice the recommended amount of salt.
Most cheese, canned meals, snacks, cooking ingredients for improvement are particularly salty.

On the other hand, milk, yogurt, vegetables, meat, culinary herbs contain very little salt. Use fresh culinary herbs to flavor food.

must follow nutrition tips

4. Not too many sweets

A sweet addiction is easy to develop. Although they have a relatively high energy content, sweets have a relatively low nutritional value. Simple and refined sugars are often combined with saturated fats.

Sweets that stick, especially candies, threaten dental health through cavities. Anyone who eats sweets regularly, absorbs too much energy.

must follow nutrition tips

5. More whole foods for a good diet

Eating products made from white flour reduces the amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals consumed. These elements contained in the external layers of the grains of wheat are lost almost completely when white flour is produced.

Since daily fiber intake of many people is under the 30 grams recommended and as supplies of B vitamins and certain minerals are not always guaranteed, we should not deprive ourselves of the benefits of adding whole wheat products in your diet.

must follow nutrition tips

6. A variety of vegetables and fruit

Fruits and vegetables contain mainly carbohydrates, which are supposed to provide more than half of the energy consumed by us every day. Besides, fruits and vegetables provide the body with fiber, vitamins, minerals and water. The high content water and fiber means they have a relatively low energy.

Vegetables such as potatoes have a very high content of fiber and high proteins, the value of which is extended when combined with cereal or milk products.
Even frozen fruits and vegetables can be recommended for use.

must follow nutrition tips

7. Fewer animal proteins

Although animal proteins generally have a greater value than compared to those of vegetable origin, animal protein sources do not bring only benefits. In addition, if you combine vegetable protein sources with other protein-rich foods such as milk, dairy products and grains, you do not have to worry about your reserve deficiencies in protein.

must follow nutrition tips

8. Soft drinks

Drinks can provide the fastest replacement for energy consumption, without being accompanied by a feeling of fullness. Since this energy isn’t associated with a nutritional value, especially when coming from lemonades and even alcoholic beverages, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of these drinks as much as possible.

must follow nutrition tips

9. Eat little and often

Five small meals will not only raise your metabolism, but they also mean you will have more energy during the day. So take a second breakfast and an afternoon snack.

must follow nutrition tips
10. Cook tasty and nutritious meals

Shorten cooking time as much as possible and use less water and grease to keep the nutrients and flavor of food.

Vitamins are partially soluble in water and are sensitive to heat, oxygen and light. In order to preserve, store vegetables and fruits in a cool, dark place.
In addition, you should wash them before you cut them and cut them into larger pieces so that the surfaces where they lose nutrients are limited.