Oscar Poster-Parodies

The Oscar nominations announced last week caused the return into our attention of a number of poster-parodies made on the principle “what would a poster say if it was telling the truth about the film”. Here are some of the most successful and extremely well punctuated examples. Which one is your favorite?

1. 12 Years a Slave

With nine Oscar nominations and multiple voices to comment on the fact that the film does not deserve much attention, 12 Years a Slave could not miss the series. The folks at CollegeHumor renamed the drama 2 Hours of Shame, referring to both Steve McQueen’s previous film and pointing that 12 Years a Slave is only a year-long challenge to shame white people for the sufferings blacks endured during slavery. The following example makes the same point.

2. 12 Years a Slave (2)

Those from Shiznit retitled it White Guilt: The Movie, which reminds us all of another creation, this time in Django Unchained.

3. Django Unchained

Tarantino’s film was nominated last year, but the poster from Shiznit is so funny and fully deserve to be mentioned. First the subtitle “Slavery sucks: Fun Edition” (Lincoln had been subtitled “Slavery sucks: the serious edition”), secondly, the comment ” Lincoln wished he was this badass”.

4. American Hustle (1)

Hypable is retitling it American Titties and stresses “Even Christian Bale has a pair”.

5. American Hustle (2)

Wigs, bronze and boobs are the ingredients of the film, say those at CollegeHumor. Do not know what to think about the comment on the quality of production: “I’m … pretty sure it was … good?”.

6. American Hustle (3)

Shiznit thought about the hair while watching it. Retitled Con Hair, the poster has another good comment: “All anyone can talk about is the silly hair”.

7. Blue Jasmine

The Shiznit creation makes fun of the most used comment about the films of Woody Allen, so unpredictable in terms of quality. The “Best movie from Woody Allen … since everyone said he made a good movie” poster stings. Below, “Neurosis adapted from the life of Woody Allen”.

8. Gravity

“Make sure you see it in 3D”, say the people at Shiznit and those who have seen it in 2D and were not impressed, will agree with the statement. The title is changed to “IMAX Showreel”.

9. Her

“If your phone sounded like Scarlett Johansson, you’d probably try to have sex with it too”, says the Shiznit poster that changes the movie title to Siri. Subtitle: Boner Edition.

10. Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

The Shiznit poster stresses that Idris Elba looks nothing like the South African President and wonders “Was Morgan Freeman busy?”.

11. Saving Mr. Banks

The title becomes “Corporations always win”, but the subtitle is more pungent: “She had artistic integrity, he had money. Time to swallow Uncle Walt’s spoonful of sugar”.