passive aggressive gifts christmas gift and tree

Passive aggressive gifts are, let’s say, another twist you can give to the Christmas spirit. Whether you have a relative or a friend who isn’t that close to you, and you want to make it clear that you have something to tell them, such a gift can be the perfect idea for the winter holidays. However, you don’t have to lack creativity when considering passive aggressive gifts. Check out these 10 great ideas to help you decide.

Passive Aggressive Gifts Ideas

1. Chanel Deodorant

passive aggressive gifts Chanel deodorant

It may sound weird, and it is, but one of the best ways to send a message to someone who’s not very fond of deodorant. In this way, you can at least make sure they got the message and may try to use it. And to sweeten things up, you can use an excuse the fact that your gift is a Chanel one. Don’t worry, you don’t need to pay a fortune for it. You can find a stick deodorant for $25 online.

2. Age-Delay Skincare

passive aggressive gifts black tea skincare

If you want to poke fun at somebody who is older than you or who is constantly complaining about their age, this is a good idea. Sephora has a great collection of products, just perfect for the aunts that keep bothering you with personal questions. The price for this might be a little too expensive ($78 at Sephora online), but it’s totally worth it if you picture the recipient’s face.

3. Sparkling Water Maker

passive aggressive gifts soda maker

A sparkling water maker is a great idea if you have a friend who loves soda. However, you can also turn it into one of the best passive aggressive gifts if you give it to somebody who hates it. Quite a recent entry on the market, many people seemed interested to buy the soda maker as a Christmas gift. It needs no electricity, and it relies on a replaceable CO2 canister. Moreover, it can carbonate a maximum of 60 liters of water. One big disadvantage of this idea is the price: almost $100 online.

4. Fountain Pen

passive aggressive gifts fountain pen

We know, you might be wondering what’s so passive aggressive with a fountain pen? Well, this might be one of the most spiteful gifts for someone you argued with about them clicking their pen, for example. A stylish fountain pen is a great excuse for them to stop this annoying habit at work. You can choose a chrome one if you still want to impress the recipient. There are plenty of options available online, but the price might go quite high, depending on your wishes. Or theirs.

5. Beard Grooming Pack

passive aggressive gifts beard grooming pack

At first, a beard grooming pack may sound like a totally normal gift for Christmas. However, things may change a little if you give it to someone who never cares for their beard. Most of us have at least one friend with a huge beard that is scraggly, and full of bits of stray food. If you don’t want to be full on passive aggressive, you can just use the excuse that you wanted to give them something useful.

6. Passive Aggressive Cup

passive aggressive gifts coffee cup

Luckily, these days it’s very easy to have a cup customized with any message you want. There are some that are readily available on the market, such as this one that says ‘but first, coffee’. They’re simply a great gift for a spouse, a partner, or a roommate who uses the excuse ‘Don’t talk to me before I had my coffee’ to be obnoxious to the others.

7. Toothbrush Sanitizer

passive aggressive gifts toothbrush sanitizer

Do you have a friend who has bad breath? If you don’t know how to be subtler in hinting it to them, a toothbrush sanitizer is one of the best passive aggressive gifts. You can find plenty of options online, with prices that vary depending on the number of toothbrushes you want them to sanitize simultaneously. Make sure you wrap it up nicely if you want to compensate for the message.

8. Portable Screen Cleaner

passive aggressive gifts portable screen cleaner patches

We all have that one friend who keeps their phone screen dirty all the time. If even you’re tired of seeing fingerprints and food traces on their screen, it’s time to get them a portable screen cleaner. This is a small patch which you can attach to the back of your device, whether it is a smartphone or a tablet. It sticks to the back and it leaves no residues. It helps clean and sanitize the screen, removing the dirt, dust, and fingerprints. Moreover, they can be reused if you wash them with soap and water.

9. Crumb Catcher Vacuum

passive aggressive gifts crumb catcher

Most likely, you know at least one person who lets their desk gather up crumbs over crumbs. If it’s just their desk, it might be fine, but if you’re sharing one, this might be a problem. A crumb catcher vacuum can offer the perfect solution to this. Make sure you get the message across, while also offering them an answer to the problem. You can find lots of such catchers online, at various prices, depending on your budget.

10. The Hungoevr Cookbook

passive aggressive gifts hungover cookbook

No, we didn’t misspell the title. This cookbook is a special one that aims to help you when you’re feeling hungover. It’s also the perfect gift for that person who is always feeling bad after a night out. It contains recipes that treat hangovers collected from all over the world. You can even enjoy a multiple-choice quiz to assess how bad you’re feeling and what recipe would be appropriate. There are plenty of options: breakfast burgers, Bloody Mary, smoothies, etc.

These are just 10 of the best passive aggressive gifts you can use for this Christmas season if you want to send a message to someone without being too upfront. From a cookbook with recipes for hangovers to beard care packages, toothbrush sanitizers, or mugs with passive aggressive messages, the limit is represented only by your creativity. Set a budget and see which one of these gifts is better suited for the one you want to make happy this Christmas.

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