cool fish tank

Normally, when we think about purchasing a pet, we fail to consider cute fish. We tend to believe that a proper pet has fur and you can cuddle with it. Fish are probably the less preferred among the pets. But why? They can bring many benefits to owners and can brighten the atmosphere of a home instantly. Here are ten reasons why you should think about purchasing a fish tank before opting for other alternatives.

1. Fish are not loud

A restless dog that barks at the most inappropriate time or a picky cat doesn’t make a suitable company for those who prefer having a quiet day. Instead, fish make no noise, you don’t have to take them in the park for a walk and they don’t even beg for food while you are having your dinner.

2. They don’t take up to much space

They just need an aquarium, food and a few accessories. They don’t take up much space. Unlike a cat or dog who needs a larger space in your home, for fish it is enough to decorate a small space to place the aquarium. Moreover, these creatures do not cause trouble in the house and do not smell.

3. Thy are not expensive

It is true that the initial investment in the aquarium, accessories and water filtration is required and it costs some money (not a big amount anyway). However, if you were to calculate the cost per month in terms of expenses for an aquarium with fish, you will easily conclude that these little swimmers are not expensive or pretentious.

4. They don’t need a lot of attention

Let’s be serious for a moment: a fish does not need hugs, nicknames or positive reinforcement. He will not mind if you stop in front of the aquarium to look at him, but he will not care too much if you don’t. However, do not forget that they need some sort of attention. You have to feed them every day, clean the tank and make sure they gets along well with each other.

5. They are easy to clean

There is no need to vacuum all the hair in the house and you do not have to change any litter box. Because the aquarium filters do all the work, you only have to clean the fish habitat once every few weeks.

6. They don’t depend on you

Fish do not develop a fear of separation, like dogs do, for example. Also, they do not feel the need for affection as much as other animals. If you feed them constantly, they will be happy.

7. A very wide variety

Fish come in all shapes and sizes and you can have different species in the same aquarium (as long as they get along with each other). Something you normally can’t do with dogs because they can jealous and territorial.

8. You can leave them at home while you are on vacation

The bad thing about dog or cat owner is that they have to make special arrangements when they go on vacation: they either choose a destination with a hotel that allows pets, they can opt for a special hotel that can host the pets while the owners are on vacation or they have to kindly ask family and friends to take care of the little furry creature. Needless to say that this will never happen with fish. You just need to ask a friends to feed them daily.

9. The aquarium can represent a beautiful décor in your home

If you were looking for a special something to tie the room together, a fish tank might do the trick. They come in various sizes and the accessories inside it make it look like a miniature home. An aquarium is always an attractive spot in your home

10. They can relax you

In the evening when you come home, you can sit in front of the aquarium and watch quietly. Even if you cannot interact with the fish, they can make you feel better, they can help you relax and take your mind off worries.

Have you ever considered fish as pets?