Visit Paris Next Year

Paris is not only the largest city of France. Paris is the City of Lights, the City of Lovers, a spiritual, poetic and bohemian town, a timeless city, but fashionable, cosmopolitan, but traditional.

And still, why should you consider visiting Paris next year? Here are ten reasons.


1. Affordable

Although it is one of the most visited city in Europe, it remains accessible for any budget. 2 and 3 star hotels start at 60 Euros per night per room and if booking is made in advance, you will receive special offers. The more the hotel is located away from the center, the lower the rates and the metro is the main transportation used by tourists.

2. Boat ride on the Seine

The ships called bateaux – mouches are famous for an hour ride, which connects the main Parisian monuments and buildings. Also, romantics can have dinner on the boat in the afternoon, accompanied by French troubadour music.

3. Spectacular views

The second floor of the Eiffel Tower offers an amazing view of the entire city, both night and day. During the day, you can discover the white roofs of buildings and at night find, we find out why Paris is also called the City of Lights. From Charles de Gaulle on the upper platform of the Arc de Triomphe, we discover Parisian streets that start in star shape towards all areas of the city.

4. Lifestyle and shopping

The bars and clubs in Paris easily convince any tourist that experiencing the nightlife in this city is a must. And because Paris is the fashion center of Europe, perhaps the world, in its shops you will find the newest collections in the field of clothing, perfumes or cosmetics. The periods indicated for shopping are January / February and July / August when the previous collections are available at extremely low and affordable prices.

5. Weekly fairs

Traditional Parisian merchants meet weekly in key areas of the city where cheap goods are available to all, but full of flavor and delicacy. They sell clothes, decorations or food, all at extremely affordable prices.

6. District of painters

Located on a hill, the Montmartre district of Paris is a cultural icon. Talented artists spread their easels on the sidewalk and try to earn money by of painting the faces of tourists who come to try an adventure in Paris.

7. Parks and gardens

Renowned for its wide green space, Paris attracts through a large number of parks and extravagant gardens, full of history. The most famous are the Tuileries Gardens where the kings of France walked, Luxembourg Gardens, nicknamed by Napoleon as the Garden of Children or Parc Monceau in the district of the same name.

8. Cafes and restaurants

One of the famous Parisian concept is that of street cafes, placed on sidewalks, serving at any time of day the famous croissant. The most recommended restaurants to try authentic French cuisine are the small, neighborhood one, which lure tourists with culinary delicacies and with a friendly bohemian atmosphere specifically to the French people.

9. Champs Elysee

Paved with cubic stone and having wide sidewalks, with some of the most famous shops left and right, Champs Elysee remains the most famous avenue in the world. In parallel with the famous avenue, there is the St. Honore du Faubourg shopping street swhere renowned luxury brands have opened stores.

10. Architecture and culture

For a longer visit, the Louvre Museum should not be missed, but for a few days stay, Musée d’ Orsay, housed in an old train station is the ideal compromise. For modern art, there is the famous Georges Pompidou Center. Architecturally, Paris is the place where modernism lives in harmony with basilicas and churches built hundreds or thousands of years ago. Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, Saint Chapelle are just a few of the most famous religious places in Paris.

Modern buildings, skyscrapers reminiscent of Americans are concentrated in the largest economic center where corporations have their headquarters and thousands of Parisians have their offices.

And many more are to be revealed about Paris. But to be able to make your own top ten reasons for visiting Paris, you just need to book a flight. Bon Voyage!