romantic movie

Don’t know what movies to see and you’re up to date with all the series? You can then start to watch romantic movies that millions of women worldwide enjoyed, sobbing and hoping to live stories like on the big screen. Whether you’re depressed, happy, in love or simply want to get lost in a story of love like and fairy tale, here is a list of ten romantic movies that you must watch with your friends.

1. Love Happens

Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston meet without looking for each other. Dr. Burke Ryan (Eckhart) is a psychologist, highly successful motivational writer, widowed, extremely skillful in making others to confront problems, but hides a secret: he himself is unable to follow his own advice. Arrived in Seattle for a seminar, he meets Eloise Chandler (Aniston), the owner of a flower shop who vowed not to have to deal with men ever again.

From the first moment between the two there are obvious sparks. The attraction is there, but the time is wrong. And as if that were not enough, hesitations, doubts and fears due to unfortunate experiences lived by the two, prevent them to get closer. The two realize that to continue life, they must leave the past behind. Thus, they discover that … sometimes you never expect it, but love just happens.

2. Stay Cool

When a successful writer returns home for a speech before graduates, he meets with an old high school crush. Meanwhile, Shasta O’Neil, a sexy teenager flirts with the writer and even invites him to the prom.

3. Management

This is the story of Mike, the son of a motel owner in Arizona, who gets very confused when at the reception appears Sue, a beautiful woman specialized in selling art objects to small companies and motels. A bottle of wine on the house and a sparkling dialogue between the two young people will result in a true journey across the country for the reunion of the two different personalities.

4. The Good Guy

Young and ambitious Beth from Manhattan wants to hit it big: a good job, many friends and a boyfriend with whom to enjoy them. Beth falls in love with Tommy, a broker on Wall Street, young, sexy and with a successful career. But when all seemed to get tied together, complications arise in the form of Daniel, the sensitive and beautiful colleague of Tommy.

5. Catch and Release

After the death of her fiancé, Gray moves in with his best friends. Sam and Dennis do their best to cheer Gray, but Fritz does not seem to care about that. After Gray managed to pass the “defense walls” of Fritz, she eventually managed to understand why her fiancé had such a good opinion about him.

6. Larry Crowne

Larry Crowne is a middle-aged man, very conscientious, working in a clothing store. Behaving nicely with customers and having good results, he repeatedly won the title of employee of the month. After being thrown kicked out for not having higher education, Larry enrolls at a local college, where he meets Mercedes Tainot, a communication teacher.

7. Something Borrowed

Rachel is a successful lawyer in Manhattan, but who is still single and nearly 30 years old. Her best friend, Darcy is lucky in love and going to get married. At her birthday party, things get complicated. After drinking more than she should, Rachel gets in bed with his best friend’s. fiancé. After a one night stand, the two begin to realize that there might be more between them than just friendship.

8. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Dr. Alfred Jones is an introverted scientist employed in the British Government at the Department of Fisheries and Agriculture, whose world is turned upside down when he needs to carry out a crazy project. Yemeni Sheikh, an avid fisherman, wants to introduce salmon in the almost dry valleys of Yemen. However, the man lets himself be conquered by the charismatic Sheikh and his mystical vision of the world, also starting to fall in love with his representative, Harriet Chetwode – Talbot.

9. Bed & Breakfast

A romantic comedy about a saleswoman in a supermarket in Rio who finds out that she inherited a property in the wine country in California. But she has no idea what she will find in the small town of Webster.

10. Middle of Nowhere

This is the story of Dorian, a kid who is always in trouble and who is sent by his adoptive parents back to his uncle’s town to spend the summer. We also have Grace, a young, intelligent and ambitious woman, who realizes that her mother is more interested in investing in Taylor’s model career, her younger sister, than in her future as a doctor. When Dorian hatches a plan to earn some money by selling drugs, his new friend Grace, offers to help him with transport, thus trying to finance her studies.