Our lives are the sum of happenings and feelings that we as human beings gather. We will have a good life as long as we live beautifully.

1. In life, evolution means pain

Be patient and strong. The pain you feel now will be useful in the future. So, build your personality with the bricks that life throws you when you least expect it. Just so that you become an exceptional human being, worthy of respect and love from others. Just so you’ll create new opportunities in life. It is only this way that you can evolve.

2. Live and learn

In every stage of life you learn new things, either by your own initiative or through life experiences. As long as you live you will have to learn. As long as you listen to your intuition and you will constantly enrich your knowledge, you will not grow older, instead you become a new person every day, wiser and wiser.

3. Every life experience is a positive life lesson

Do not forget to understand the life lesson that you receive when things do not go as you expected. If you’re involved in a relationship which does not work, if you made a bad deal at your workplace, if you made a mistake in life, all these negative things are actually ways to discover new opportunities. Life lessons that you learn from your mistakes are the first step towards positive changes.

4. True beauty is inside of you

As you’re getting to know a person better, the majority of physical traits do not have any importance to you. The people in your life mean personality and energy. The important thing is the essence of a person, not the way they look. Therefore do not fall in love with physical beauty. Love physical traits for the short term, but love the heart and soul for the long term. When a special connection is created between you and another person, all physical imperfections become irrelevant.

5. You are the only one who knows what you’re capable of

If someone cannot look into your heart and see how much passion you can bring to the table, then that person has no right to tell you what to do or what not can do. Although others may see that are the opportunities or events in life that prevent us from doing something, we are the only ones who know what we are really capable of.

6. Negativity poisons the soul

Do not get influenced by the negative events in your life! Avoid getting upset and focus on what really matters. Life is short and this is why time is very precious. Get rid of what bothers you and you will notice that the big picture of your life makes sense.

7. In life, love turns into happiness

The happiness felt in your life is directly proportional to the love you give. Why? Because when you love sincerely, you give it your best to become a better person. While you’re young, love will teach you many things about life and in adulthood it will turn into everyday living.

8. Gain respect by respecting

You earn the respect of others not through imposition or manipulation. You earn respect by listening to others, trying to understand their feelings and treating them with respect. Control your emotions and treat everyone with respect, including those who are rude to you. Prove you’re good and strong.

9. Your health is everything

Your body is the most important and interesting tool you own. Without it, you would not be alive. So, take care of it properly. Work out to stay fit. Eat healthy. Health is an essential life lesson to have the energy needed for a good life, filled with pleasant events and accomplishments in all areas!

10. Your choices shape your life

Every day of your life you have a choice to make. Choose to appreciate what you already have. Choose to smile. Choose to make time for yourself and your loved ones. Choose to be positive. Choose to be enthusiastic. Choose to be persistent in following your dreams.

So, do you think that up till now you have obeyed these ten rules on life?