Amazing Shipping Container Homes house Innovation

When it comes to small house living, shipping container homes are a great choice because they have very affordable prices, sometimes almost free, are generally made from recycled materials and are incredibly durable.

This means that by transforming one container into your house, you are helping the nature by using prefab components that were already created, but also you are saving a significant amount of cash in comparison to building a house from zero.

 1. MDU

Amazing Shipping Container Homes

The first shipping container home that is presented is MDU, an acronym for Mobile Dwelling Unit, and it is very interesting due to a expanding design, similar to the RVs that can increase their dimensions.

This model of shipping container homes has incorporated a number of sliding parts, these being used to fold in and move the entire structure from one place to another. The transport of the containers is relatively simple, since it will shrink to a size of only 40’ by 8’ and a lightweight allowing it to be loaded onto a small truck.

2. LEED Cabins

Leed Cabins - Amazing Shipping Container Homes

Next, with a smart idea and a few prefabricated containers of 20′ long, the LEED Cabins are able to transform a rather dull space of just 10 ft in width into a little friendly house that you can build at a low cost. The owner has to possibility of assembling the kit thanks to the DIY manual with pictures that is sent with the components or by watching tutorials on Youtube.

3. Immediate Develop House

Amazing Shipping Container Homes house Innovation

Immediate Develop House is based on ergonomic designs, with all the comfort that is met in regular homes: insulated walls on the interiors, AC units installed to maintain the right temperature or cable and Internet. Its parts can be transported in the shortest time in Colorado, California or other US states on road or by ship.

4. WFH House


Amazing Shipping Container Homes construction site

One of the most ingenious shipping container homes is the WFH House, a structure built from cheap containers, and its story is more interesting since it was designed by farmers living in a remote area who used for its construction the recycled packages and wood from an abandoned town nearby their village.

5. Cordell House

Amazing Shipping Container Homes

At number five, we find a model of shipping container homes for sale based on an ecological prototype called the Cordell House. This is a great mixture of old and new, the organic looking materials are offering a natural appearance, while still providing its owner all the protection and the awesome feel of intimacy.

To have an idea about its size, its creators have used only a couple of containers measuring 40ft in length and 20ft in width, so this is not a massive structure by any means.

6. The Nomad

Amazing Shipping Container Homes the Nomad

This particular house is known as The Nomad and it can definitely be regarded as small at 192 sq ft with a length of 24ft. Its prices are quite affordable if you want one and it has been designed by Multiple Structure in Seattle. The ceiling is loaded with massive residential solar power sections to help generate as much as possible green electricity for most of the time.

7. Dwell

Amazing Shipping Container Homes

At Dwell, we find a 40′ by 8′ structure that has been transformed into a custom living space for its owner. Lightweight and yet magnificent, if an extra taste of modern is needed, you can install larger windows to let the sun brighten the space and a sliding floor, to name just a few of the additional accessories that can improve the appearance of the house.

8. Soft Stainless

Amazing Shipping Container Homes

Soft Stainless is ideal if you want a safe home to buy and live in the forest, hills, or just outside the city. The reason it is so protected is because it has little windows and the bigger ones can be surrounded with metal to make it very complicated for an intruder to get into the house. The main component is an 8ft by 20ft container, so there are roughly 160 sq ft to live in. but you can subtract a little part from it for the porch.


Amazing Shipping Container Homes

ISBU (known as modular metal developing unit) is a recent idea in the mobile housing industry. Using 20′ conventional bins, the producers are changing them into ideal compact homes for sale where the owner finds enough space for his daily activities.

10. PFNC

Amazing Shipping Container Homes

PFNC is last, but surely not least in out list of shipping container home plans and it is an attempt to help the homeless people to have a real shelter. The units are made usually from only one container, the purpose being to offer as many houses as possible with a fewer number of elements.

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