We went out on a date, you had a good time together, but now you are think about one little thing: does he like me? Do not worry too much about it! Men are programmed to send signals when they are interested in a woman. Read them and see if they sound familiar.

A woman is able to transmit 50 different signs through body language on a first date. Men in turn are less sophisticated and only have about ten. Here’s how you can know for sure if he likes you.

1. First he looks in your eyes, then your mouth, then back to your eyes

This gesture is known as the triangle of flirtation and it clearly says what he likes what he is seeing.

2. First he inhales deeply and pulls back his shoulders

In other words, if you see him swell like a peacock, it’s clear he wants to impress you.

3. He raises his eyebrows and then smiles

When someone feels attracted to a person, he makes involuntary gestures. Just be very careful because it only takes less than a second.

4. He turns his body towards you

When a man likes a woman, his subconscious dictates him position his hands, feet or fingers towards her. And if you are in the middle of a conversation and his shoulders are face to face with your body, he is downright interested in you and what you are saying.

5. He is looking at your lips while you are talking

If his eyes go down below your eyes and nose, it means that he wants more from you than just friendship. And he is just imagining how it would be to kiss you.

6. He laugh at anything you say

If he smiles, nods and agrees with all you say, it means that your presence really makes them happy. He is not just trying to be nice, he really likes you.

7. He is getting closer to you

If he tries to get close to you or tries to touch you, it’s clear: he is very attracted to you and wants to know you better. Lucky you!

8. He wants to spend time with you in the near future

If he suggests to do something together in the near future, you can consider yourself a lucky woman. Making plans on the first date, before the date finishes, is a clear sign that he likes you.

9. He touches his hair

If the gut touches is hair, to arrange it or whatever, that is a clear sign that he likes you. Women do that as well.

10. He blinks more often when he looks at you

Pupils dilate because of two uncontrollable biological reasons: light and attraction. So, if a guy likes someone, his body will secrete more adrenaline, which will make him blink more often than usual.

Are there any other signs you think men give when they like a woman?