Simple and Cheap PC Audio Systems

Computer audio systems are the best choice for games or watching movies on the PC monitor where for various reasons you do not want to opt for a pair of headphones. On the market there are many cheap audio systems that satisfy the needs of most users in exchange for lower prices. However, if you can also find good audio systems at reasonable prices, suitable for activities you do on the computer. Thus, regardless of the budget you have available, there are solutions for cheap computer speakers and options for quality computer audio systems.

Nowadays, audio systems are available in a variety of formats, from 2.1 perfect for small rooms to 7.1 type dedicated to those who have even enough space for seven speakers and a subwoofer.

1. Gembird SPK402

One of the simplest 2.0 audio systems with decent performance is Gembird SPK402 which comes with two speakers with a total power of 16 W, far beyond most such cheaper systems. Speakers operate in the frequency 40-18000 Hz and have a rectangular design.

2. HP BR367AA

If you prefer speakers at special design and you do not mind the size, probably HP BR367AA is one of the best choices. The two speakers are relatively large and weigh 500 grams. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not mention the power of sound and the cable is only 1.5 meters, so that the speakers are best suited for laptops.

3. Logitech 2.0 Z – 130

Logitech is one of the best known manufacturers of peripherals and speakers and the speakers proposed in this segment have a total power of 5 W and use the frequency 80-18000 Hz. Speakers have the advantage of a solid construction and benefit from the volume control button positioned on one of the speakers. In addition, there is a 3.5 mm jack for easy connection of a pair of headphones when you do not want to disturb those around you.

4. Gembird WCS – 731

The audio system proposed by Intex has a simple design, but at its dimensions 133x182x159 the subwoofer may seem a little high. It gives a power of 2 W, while satellites provide by 1 W, so that total system power is 4 W RMS. Frequency band of the system is 200-20000 Hz and the weight of the device reaches 1.38 kilos.

5. Hama Solid Cube

Hama comes with an audio system featuring a stylish subwoofer, but the two satellites have a somewhat glossy casing which may not please everyone. The subwoofer has a power of 3.6 W 10 W plus the offer of the two speakers, so the system has a total power of 13.6 W. Unfortunately, the system does not benefit from 3.5mm jack, so you cannot connect a pair of headphones.

6. Creative Inspire A120

If you do not need so much power, you can turn your attention to the 2.1 audio system offered by Creative. The subwoofer has a power of 4 W and the two satellites each have 2.5 W, so that the total system power reaches 9 W. The subwoofer has a rather spartan and rugged design, but the satellites compensated by a more pleasing design.

7. Logitech Z313 2.1

If you want to control your audio system with a remote, Logitech 2.1 Z313 is equipped with a wired remote control that works. The compact subwoofer has a power of 15 W, while satellites provide approximately 5 W, leading to total system power of 25 W. The model benefits from the 3.5 mm headphone jack and the band is 48-20000 Hz.

8. Genius SW- 5.1 HF5.1 4600

Genius SW- HF 5.1 4600 5.1 is a 5.1 audio system equipped with a 45 W subwoofer which contains some physical controls, but they do not have a very attractive design, as well as the speaker system as a whole. The five satellites have a power of 16 W, so that the total system can reach 125 W, an amount more than sufficient for a dedicated speaker system for a PC.

9. Creative Inspire T6300

Creative Inspire T6300 audio system has a visually attractive design and provides easy control and the subwoofer has a power of 22 W. The five satellites each have an output of 7 W, so that the whole ensemble offers 57 W. The system operates in the frequency band of 50-20000 Hz and the subwoofer weighs 2.4 kg.

10. Creative Inspire A550

Probably the most elegant audio system in this article is Creative Inspire A550, benefiting from amplification in the subwoofer. Unfortunately, Creative does not mention individual power of the subwoofer or the five satellites, but specifies that the entire system has a total power of 37 W RMS. The speakers are suitable for movies and games and the package includes a remote control for easy operation.