Do you have problems with allergies? Well, you better be careful. Sources of allergens like mold, dust and animal hair can be found in the most unexpected places. Here are ten unknown sources of allergies in your home.

1. Potted plants

Be very careful with house plants. Mold can occur in pots and can spread on the floor. To prevent this, remove dead leaves, use flower pots and saucers to avoid pouring too much water.

2. Pets

We love them, but sometimes they can be trouble. Allergies are very common in animals, but the hair is not always the main cause. The real problem is the protein found in animal saliva, urine and dander flying around and finding their way on carpets, furniture and bed. Hair can be the source of allergies if it has collected flakiness and other allergens such as dust and pollen.

Not letting the animal in the bedroom is only partially helpful, because allergens can move through the air in the house.

Tip: Clean and vacuum often and wash your hands after playing with dog.

3. Carpets and rugs

Carpets and rugs in the house may have roles that you have not taken into account. As they accumulate dust, the become a source for the developments of mites, very known allergens. To get rid of this problem you can use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter. Or replace that carpet. Keep humidity below 55% in the house and vent often.

4. Books

Your food for the brain can turn into food for pests. The dust on the books can hide dust mites, mold and other similar microorganisms.

If you suspect that your allergies are caused by books, try to vacuum their covers or keep them in a closed environment. Lowering the humidity in the house and dust removal will help decrease the number of dangerous microorganisms.

5. Upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture is a favorable environment for mites. Vacuum upholstery regularly. Leather and vinyl covers are less likely to develop allergy.

Also, furniture stored in closed areas such as in basements, can be a supportive environments for mold growth. Use a dehumidifier in the room to reduce moisture.

6. Bed

You spend eight hours a day sleeping. That means a lot of dead skin on sheets that attracts dust mites. The main way to get rid of them is purchasing mattresses, duvets and pillows that are allergy-free. Also, wash sheets every week at high temperature. Avoid pillows and bedding that cannot be washed.

7. Stuffed toys

Stuffed toys attract many mites. You do not have to throw them away from your house, but you can buy items that can be washed. Just like bedding, stuffed toys that your child frequently plays with should be washed at high temperatures, weekly.

8. Bathroom

The bathroom can be the perfect place for mold to develop since there are favorable conditions: heat and moisture. Black mold grows in areas hidden just below the floor. The best way to prevent mold is to keep the bathroom clean and dry. Repair valves and other sources of water when flowing, to prevent moisture. Clean surfaces regularly with chlorine.

9. Kitchen

The favorite room in the house for mold is the kitchen. Throw the food in the refrigerator that you are no longer eating, that can make mold. Cover trash and keep food in sealed containers to avoid attracting bugs.

10. The air conditioning

Air conditioner helps to keep the house cool and keep away allergens. However, the air conditioner can be the main source that spreads factors allergens that remain in filters. To get rid of the problem regularly clean filters. Also, once a year, call a specialized company to disinfect the machine.