Now, that Steve Jobs resigned from his function as a CEO of Apple, due to his health problems, we could say that an era ended. Who knows if Apple will be innovative as before, now that its founder is capitulating to a  disease with which he is fighting since 7 years? Officially he is still in the chairman of the board, probably for the sake of the company’s shares, which dropped 7 % the night when Steve Jobs resigned. When an era is ending, it’s the appropriate time to make its review. When a man is becoming a legend, it is the right time to make a list of 10 things you did not know about him. Here you have it:

1. Steve Jobs was adopted


The biological parents of Steve Jobs were Abdulfattah Jandali, a Syrian student and Joanne Simpson, who gave him for adoption. Thus, Steve is half Arab, who could have guessed, right? He was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs and these middle class persons raised him as their own child.

2. Monica Simpson is his sister

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His biological parents later married and had a girl, who is publically known as well: she is the novelist Mona Simpson. Steve only met his sister when he was 27 years old, and discovered the truth about his adoption. This encounter highly influenced his personal development.

3. He dropped college


Steve Jobs never graduated college. He dropped in the second semester, stating that he wasn’t learning anything helpful. It seems like you can do pretty well in life without college though.  Instead, he took a calligraphy class- which he was passionate about-and learned many useful things he would later insert into his first Macintosh. Windows later copied those fonts, and we are now using them. This is only one of the many innovations we should be grateful for.

4. He is a Buddhist


After a trip to India, for spiritual purposes, he returned as a changed fellow: Steve Jobs became a Zen Buddhist. Isn’t it curious, if you think that his biological father is a Syrian Muslim? He really does not have much in common with his natural parents…

5. He never eats meat


Steve Jobs is vegetarian and so is his wife. Actually, Steve also eats fish-the only meat he tolerates-so that would make him a pescetarian. Same as Bill Clinton, who is also one of his friends. I wonder if this is just a coincidence, or one of them influenced the other in this matter…

6. Steve Jobs never gives money to charity


This is one of the most controversial aspects regarding Steve Jobs . He is known to have forbidden all philanthropic projects, as CEO at Apple. Also, neither he nor his wife is known to give any charity, or to have established and charity institution, as most of the other rich people in the world.  He might do it anonymously though, so don’t’ judge the man!

7. The origin of the name “Apple”


Some say that at the origin of the name of his company stands his passion for apples- his favorite fruits. However, others think that, because he was an admirer of Beatles’ Apple Records, he named his brand the same way, to the discontent of the Apple records’ owners who took legal action against him. Who knows, it may be that both versions are half right…

8.  He was once declared dead


In 2008, Steve Jobs was declared dead in 2008 by Bloomerang news wire. According to these folks, he had died of pancreatic cancer-a disease he was diagnosed with back in 2004. The news spread all over the internet with light speed and even though Bloomerang later apologized, it was too late. Everyone had acknowledged the death of the Apple’s CEO. You can imagine the shock…

9.  His salary is close to nothing


Surprisingly, if it were to only consider his earnings from apple, he could one of the poorest guys in the world- he has a salary of 1$. He is not doing so badly actually, because he is the main shareholder at Apple –which brought him earnings of 1.84 billion dollars last year. He also earns about 48million $ from Walt Disney, where he is also director and investor.

10. Steve Jobs cheated on his partner


Back in the day, when he was just a programmer, Steve Jobs was appointed by Atari to create the game called Breakout. He made it with the help of his friend, Wozniak, and they should have shared, according to their own agreement, the earnings 50-50. However, Jobs cheated Wozniak when he received the payment from Atari: He told his friend that Atari gave them 700 $, when the true value was of 5000$ ! Thus, Wozniak only made 350$, while Steve Jobs took most of the earnings.


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