11 Symptoms of Vision Problems

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While vision problems can occur at any age, they are more common among older adults. Blurred vision, dark spots or blindness at night are signs that can be both harmless and annoying symptoms, but also a concern for health. Let’s have a look at some of the most common symptoms of vision problems.

Symptoms of Vision Problems

1. Floating points in the visual field

A possible early sign of vision problems are floating points present in the visual field. Usually, they are associated with a benign condition called vitreous detachment. The disease occurs when the gelatinous material in the eyeball liquefies and separates from the retina, exactly where images are processed. A sudden onset of these symptoms may be caused by another condition: retinal break or detachment. So if all of a sudden you start seeing a complex group of floaters, consult your optometrist or ophthalmologist.

Symptoms of Vision Problems

2. Blurred vision at a distance

If you fail to clearly see images at a distance, perceive them shrouded in a fog, feeling the need to really focus, it is possible you suffer from myopia. All these visual obstacles affect your ability to drive a vehicle, to participate in team games or read subtitles on the TV screen or computer. Myopia can be treated with eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery.

Symptoms of Vision Problems

3. Reading difficulties

Difficulty in reading a book, blurred vision at night and recurrent headaches are three signs that together announce the installation of hyperopia. With this condition, you can perfectly see images at a distance, but not those nearby. Just as in the case of myopia, treatment is done with eye glasses, contact lenses and surgery.

Symptoms of Vision Problems

4. Sudden eye pain

Eye pain appearing suddenly and accompanied by redness, nausea and vomiting may signal an attack of narrow-angle glaucoma, which can permanently damage the optic nerve. In this situation, it is extremely important to get emergency medical care to prevent a permanent loss of vision.

Symptoms of Vision Problems

5. Narrowing of the visual field

Gradual or sudden narrowing of the visual field, which forces you to see only the objects in front, announces a major vision problem: glaucoma is already installed and has affected the optic nerve and causes vision loss over the visual field. Without immediate medical intervention, vision damage may result in blindness.

Symptoms of Vision Problems

6. Gradual loss of central vision

Another sign of eye problems is the gradual loss of central vision, accompanied by distortion (such as viewing of curves, given that they are really straight). The above mentioned symptoms are caused by macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness among the elderly.

If in the past there was no effective treatment for macular degeneration, new therapeutic options are now available to significantly correct vision problems caused by macular degeneration, especially if surgery is performed early.

Symptoms of Vision Problems

7. Visual halos at night

Blurred and dark vision accompanied by visual halos at night and incorrect perception of color indicates the installation of cataract. Since this condition worsens in time, it does not represent a medical emergency. Even so, with age cataracts can turn into a possible cause for blindness if surgery is not done in due time.

Symptoms of Vision Problems

8. Blind spots in the visual field

The appearance of blind points in the visual field, accompanied by small imaginary objects floating and unexplained blurred vision usually designates early onset of diabetic retinopathy.

Regular eye exams are an essential part of treatment that diabetics must follow, especially after the age of 60. Moreover, assessment of the state of the retina helps the ophthalmologist interpret the severity of diabetes and recommend methods of required care.

Symptoms of Vision Problems

9. Itching and irritation

Itching and irritation of the eyes, accompanied by pain and lacrimation are the specific symptoms of dry eye syndrome, a condition rather annoying than dangerous for the ability to see. With age, however, the clinical manifestations of dry eye syndrome may be more intense, as the body produces smaller amounts of tears, with a different chemical composition. The remedies in this case are medications or eye drops with a lubricant effect.

Symptoms of Vision Problems

10. Seeing double

Double vision is associated with several eye disorders, but in some cases, these symptoms may announce a serious medical emergency, such as a stroke. If you experience double vision out of the blue, seek immediate medical attention.

11. Blurred vision in one eye

If you are over 60, the chances to develop a macular hole (degeneration of the central portion of the retina) are much higher. Blurred vision in one eye is a specific symptom of disease that requires early establishment of a diagnosis and treatment to prevent a permanent loss of vision.

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