Ten Most Overrated Movies After 2010

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On your way out of the movie theater you can usually hear one of the following two things from your fellow viewers: “that was the best movie ever!” or “that was the worst movie ever!” In an attempt to tone things down a notch, we’ve made a list of ten most overrated movies after 2010. Let’s take a closer look at high budget blockbusters and Disney happy ending animations. Are they really worth all the hype or are we just going with the flow? Keep reading to find out the answer.

10. Frozen

Ten Most Overrated Movies After 2010

Holding the title of the most hyped animation ever, “Frozen” merchandise ruled last year’s Christmas sales. With the movie branching out and becoming a brand in itself, we can’t help but wonder if the animation film is actually worth it. With some calling it as good as “The Lion King” and others praising its catchy tunes, the jury’s still out on this one. Till next Christmas.

9. Foxcatcher

Ten Most Overrated Movies After 2010

This wanna be haunting drama missed some important things on its path to greatness. Although at a first glance it seems equipped with everything it needs to succeed, “Foxcatcher” sports cold distant shots. The acting doesn’t shine either and fails to attract the sympathy of the viewers. While we won’t lie and admit it was nice to see Steve Carrell in a role we’re not used with him playing, the excitement ended there. The hype raised by its Cannes premiere was only followed by the movie’s failure to get awards, which gave us an inkling about its noteworthiness.

8. Pacific Rim

Ten Most Overrated Movies After 2010

Following the classic blockbuster recipe, “Pacific Rim” is a hearty dose of CGI well blended with lousy character development and sprinkled with a forced plot. The movie doesn’t really bring anything new on the screen, except maybe the entertaining CGI monsters that fight other CGI monsters. While it can be fun at times, it never fails to slip back into its ordinary, predictable plot.

7. Gravity

Ten Most Overrated Movies After 2010

It wouldn’t been mean to say “Gravity” is just a pretty picture with flawless CGI, justifiable 3D and drop dead gorgeous long shots. This is where the praise ends, though. The script, characters and plot were weak, and that’s putting it mildly. “Gravity” is more of a visual experience than a fully fledged movie that could captivate audiences through its story.

6. Les Miserables

Ten Most Overrated Movies After 2010

This big screen musical had all its songs recorded on set, live, in an attempt to capture the actors’ passion and feelings. Leaving the audience with an overall feeling that something is missing, “Les Miserables” fails to engulf the viewers in the story. There are only a handful of noteworthy songs throughout the entire film, which speaks volumes about the live recording technique.

5. The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists!

Ten Most Overrated Movies After 2010

While Aardman are considered to be the kings of modern animation, they didn’t rise up to their reputation with “The Pirates!” Accustomed to flawless CGI animations, their movies are usually brilliantly created by a talented team. But not in this case. The movie lacked originality and seemed to borrow ideas from “The Wrong Trousers” and “Chicken Run”. Leaving a lot to be desired, “The Pirates!” could’ve used some more polishing before hitting the screens.

4. Selma

Ten Most Overrated Movies After 2010

Depicting the life of Martin Luther King, “Selma” reviews are quite mixed. Besides the people praising it for keeping them entertained and making the audience feel more knowledgeable, sympathetic and tolerant all of a sudden, some critics beg to differ. The latter claim all “Selma” does is further protect white, rich, powerful men.

3. Room 237

Ten Most Overrated Movies After 2010

Meant to explore Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”, this movie tries too much to unearth some things. Waaay too much. This documentary sets out to shed some light on Kubrick’s cinematographic devices… As well as invent some things that weren’t there in the first place. As an example, “Room 237″ suggests that in a stroke of genius, Kubrick carefully structured the movie so that if it’s played superimposed the images match up. I know, I’m also wondering what they are smoking.

2. Life of Pi

Ten Most Overrated Movies After 2010

What should we pick on first? The overall smug atmosphere, the endless meanders, the analogies and disguises or the God talk? “Life of Pi” tries to be dark and deep but only manages to come across as pretentious and unnecessarily eclectic.

1. Toy Story 3

Ten Most Overrated Movies After 2010

We suspect the people behind “Toy Story 3″ never heard of the wise piece of advise “quit while you’re ahead”. Yes, we enjoyed the first movie and were moderately excited to watch the second one. But there shouldn’t have been any pressure to release a third, watered down sequel. There is no character development, the jokes could use a face life and the ending mirrors the previous movie’s finale.

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