If you are considering redesigning your kitchen this year, you will first want to research the current popular design trends. Kitchens in 2015 aren’t just designed for cooking – they’re intended to be more of a social place that is accessible to all ages. From bold colors to kitchen islands, keep reading for the top 10 kitchen design trends for 2015.

1. Bold Color

The first trend on our list is bold colors. Don’t be afraid to go bright this year. In 2015 bold colors are everywhere, from entire kitchen cabinet sets in bright red, to electric blue counter tops. If an entire kitchen in a bold color is too much for you, consider painting just one wall or choosing bold color accents.

2. Industrial Lighting

Your kitchen should be a practical place to cook, and having bright lights is essential. This kitchen trend is all about placing fluorescent stainless steel lighting throughout your work area.  Check out miketaylorbespokekitchens.co.uk for some great lighting ideas.

3. Kitchen Islands

Another year in and kitchen islands are still bang on trend. This year, however, the industrial theme is continuing into the island area, and stainless steel shelving is becoming a popular and practical feature in homes. Kitchen islands on wheels make a great solution for changing up both the layout, and dynamic of your room.

4. Practical Storage

One of the best trends of the year is practical storage solutions. These are everywhere at the moment, and enable you to easily store away all your kitchen equipment leaving you with nice clear surface space.

5. Vertical Drawers

This year we are starting to see more and more kitchens integrated with vertical drawers. These are great space savers, plus enable you to store things high up, giving you much more storage space.

6. Island Art Work

Your kitchen island is no longer just an extra counter top. In 2015 we are seeing the island becoming a sculpture like feature in some kitchens. Create an artistic dining room feel with this add on, and make your island both practical and beautiful.

7. Porcelain Floors

Porcelain floors are coming back into fashion, which is great news for people on a tight budget. Porcelain tiles are available in a huge range of colors, and styles to suit any kitchen.

8. Tiles

Tiles are everywhere this season. Not only are tiles dominating the splash back area of the kitchen, we are even seeing entire walls decorated with them.

9. Brass Accessories

Brass accessories are hot in 2015 and complement just about any color scheme, so keep your brass pans on display this year if you want an ‘in trend’ kitchen.

10. Technology Integration

Finally, for perhaps the first time, we are starting to see a trend of integrating technology into the kitchen. 2015’s kitchens are incorporating phone chargers, iPod docks, and special laptop areas. Keep your kitchen smart with your devices easily stored, and safe while you are cooking.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to integrate just one or all of these popular kitchen trends this year, there is a definite modern feel coming around in 2015. What do you think of these trends? We’d love to hear from you.