If you have been injured at home, in public or at work, the misery and stress that comes with it can be devastating. You merely want to get back on your feet, back to work and back to normal, but this all too often affects countless people. Personal injury claims can come in all shapes and sizes, but here is a list of the ten most common personal injury complaints that are seen in court.

Car Accidents

By far the most common type of personal injury case, car accidents are surprisingly common due to the prevalence of car ownership and the nature of human error. A careless driver can be held financially and/or criminally responsible for their actions depending on the situation, with the exception of “no fault” states that require damages be paid out through individuals’ insurance companies.

Slips and Falls

Most commonly found in the work place, slips and falls are a huge part of personal injury complaints. Businesses and public spaces have a requirement to keep their spaces free of obstacles and hazards that can cause this, with the entity responsible being liable for any damages rewarded to the plaintiff.

Medical Malpractice

Another common type of personal injury claim, medical malpractice often originates from hospital settings in which the plaintiff believe he or she (or a loved one, in the event of death) was wronged by the actions of the doctor or physician. If the doctor is accused of not being competent or providing reasonable care, these claims will arise. Always be sure to enlist a personal injury attorney for help with this case, like the professionals at Bohn Law.


Not often thought of in the same category as many other personal injury claims, libel and slander cases are filed when the character of an individual is believed to have been damaged by untrue statements made against them. Individuals must prove that the statement was made, that it was untrue, and that it affected them tangibly (through financial loss).

Animal Attacks

Whenever an animal – most notably, a dog – attacks another human or pet, an animal attack personal injury case may be filed. Often, this type of case will seek to cover medical bills, as well as pain and suffering in particularly egregious cases. A court may also order that the offending animal be euthanized.


Unlike many of the items on this list that are accidents, assault and battery are common personal injury claims that are filed as the result of planned and direct attacks. In these cases, the perpetrator will likely face criminal charges; a victim may choose whether or not to file a civil personal injury case against them as well.

Product Liability

When a product or service that is purchased causes undue damage or injury to people or property, then a product liability personal injury case may be filed. This could be anything from hot coffee scalding an individual to an electronic device malfunctioning and burning down a home.

Workplace Injuries

These can encompass multiple types of injuries mentioned above, but deserve their own category. Workplace injuries are unfortunately common and require a special process be followed in order to ensure maximum success. Workers’ compensation exists solely for this type of personal injury instance.

Legal Malpractice

If you have been poorly represented in court or in legal matters and it can be empirically proven, then you may have grounds on which to file a legal malpractice case. If a personal injury attorney, for instance, failed to properly document all of your lost earnings in the case and you were not compensated as a result, then this qualifies as legal malpractice.

General Negligence

If someone behaves in such a way that their actions (or in select cases, inactions) lead to you being injured or worse, then a general negligence case can be filed. This form of personal injury complaint revolves around proving that someone’s actions or lack thereof directly led to an avoidable series of misfortunes for you.