New TV shows of 2015

There often doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why some shows just do better than others and quite often you will find that even the networks with all their marketing dollars have trouble picking new shows that viewers will love. However, with the advent of those much loved ‘trailers’ and ‘teasers,’ it is possible to get a jump on the networks. Yes, you can listen to all the hype if you want, but actually seeing a little snippet does help.

In any event, some of the new ‘must see’ shows have already begun and others are yet to premiere. Here are what critics are proclaiming the top 10 new TV shows for 2015. Just be aware that some will be on local stations while others will need to be viewed on cable or satellite networks such as DISH.

1) Bessie on HBO

Premiering on HBO on Saturday, May 16 – check your local listings for time in your area.

2) Texas Rising on the History Channel

On Monday May 25, the History Channel is set to premiere Texas Rising, different time zones may apply.

3) I Can Do That on NBC

This network newcomer is set to air on Tuesday, May 26 and you will definitely need to check your TV Guide for this one.

4) The Briefcase on CBS

Wednesday, May 27 will see the series premier of this new reality show.

5) Louis C.K.: Live From the Comedy Store on FX

Comedies are always a huge favorite among TV viewers so don’t forget to mark FX on your calendar for Thursday, May28.

6) Unreal on Lifetime

Lifetime has their new summer offering set to air on Monday, June 1. Again, you will need cable or satellite to see Unreal.

7) The Whispers on ABC

Just the name is appealing here so get set to hear those Whispers on ABC – Monday, June 1 – times vary per time zone.

8) Becoming Us on ABC Family

What a great name for a new TV show on ABC Family – premiering on Monday, June 8.

9) Dark Matter on Syfy

What would great TV be without great sci-fi? Dark Matter airs for the first time on Friday, June 12.

10) Proof on TNT

For a supernatural bent, don’t forget about TNT’s new show, Proof, set to premiere on Tuesday, June 16.

As you have probably noticed, of the top 10 new TV shows for 2015, there are only three that are on local network stations and the rest you will certainly need cable or satellite to enjoy. However, with the availability and lower prices of the past few years, one or the other should be in every home. If you are at all savvy on the internet, just do a quick search for those titles that interest you and you will get to see a teaser if you are lucky. Just make a note of the dates they are starting and you will be ready to make your own decision. At the time, these are favored by critics so each and every one should be on your calendar. Just don’t forget to mark it!