The vast majority of people rely on their car to get them from one place to another regularly, however, cars are very complex machines that occasionally can break down, leaving the driver stranded. If you’ve ever had a car break down on you mid journey, you’ll know exactly how stressful this can be, not to mention the added costs of repairing the car afterwards, or even buying a new car, depending on how serious the problem is. However, there are many different telltale signs that your car is in need of repair that you could be missing.

1. Odd Smells

If your car is beginning to produce an unusual smell such as a burning smell, this could be a sign that something is wrong with either the gears, brakes, transmission, or wheel bearings. Any overheating smells should be checked, as should any ‘sweet’ smells which could be an indication of leaking coolant. If you discover an odd smell, you may need a service such as transmission repair provided by

2. Squealing Brakes

If, every time you press the brake pedal, you hear a distinct screeching noise, you should get your brake pads checked out straight away. Allowing the problem to continue could wear your brakes down and cause serious issues in future.

3. Worn Tires

You should regularly check your car tires for any signs of wear and tear, and this is usually indicated by the appearance of ‘wear bars’, which are hard to see on new tires but easy to spot on worn ones. If you can see your tires wear bars, it’s time to get them replaced.

4. Noisy Fumes

Your exhaust shouldn’t be causing a racket, so if you can hear a rumbling noise from the exhaust, get it checked out.

5. Pulling Away

If your car pulls to the other side of the road when you take your hand off the wheel or apply the breaks, you may need to visit a mechanic to get an alignment.

6. Knocking Sounds

Clattering and knocking sounds from the engine, also known as engine ‘knock’, can indicate a number of problems, including worn spark plugs, a build up of carbon inside the engine, or use of the wrong grade of fuel. If you hear knocking sounds coming from the engine, it’s time to visit a mechanic and get it fixed.

7. Reluctant Starting

Your engine should start straight away when you turn the key or push the button, so if you’ve having problems getting your car to start, visit a mechanic.

8. Puddles

If you notice any leakages or puddles underneath the car, you should get it checked out.

9. Smoke

If your exhaust is smoking excessively or you notice smoke coming from the engine or any other part of the car, it’s a sure sign that you should call a mechanic immediately.

10. Warning Lights

Last but not least, although it seems obvious, you should never ignore any warning lights on your vehicle.

Can you think of any other telltale signs that your car may be in need of a repair? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.