Things a Child Should Learn Before Kindergarte

Are you getting ready for your child’s first day in kindergarten? It’s a happy time, but is your child ready for the experience? Is he prepared to deal with other kids? Here are ten important lessons you should make sure your child knows before entering kindergarten.

1. Be yourself

People will not love more someone who is trying to become popular, being something different than what he is in real life. And if they do, those people should not be a part of your child’s entourage Teach your child to be exactly who he is every day of his life: funny, sweet, nice, generous, and not let anyone change these characteristics. In the long term, he will benefit from this lesson.

2. It is important to male friends

In kindergarten / school, he will be surrounded by new people, by children, most likely he doesn’t known. Teach him to make new friends, to be present, to answer questions and even if he’s not sure of the answer he should not be ashamed.

3. Pee in the toilet, not next to it

Especially if you have a boy, it can be a problem.

4. Wipe thoroughly

Whether it is wiping his or bottom, your child should know these things. He will not have anyone around him to check this things for him and make sure that everything is in order.

5. Do not talk bad

There are a lot of bad words in the dictionary. Even when he is angry, hurt, upset, he should avoid words that are more difficult to retract. And swearing should be banned completely, so don’t you won’t have to be called in by his teacher. Explain to him that words can hurt and that he can express his feelings without swearing.

6. Be patient

There are many things that he will not be able to succeed at on the first try. If your child is the type to get upset when everything doesn’t work our perfectly, explain to him that he needs to be patient and perseverant. With a little practice, many of the things that seem impossible, will become possible in no time.

7. Believe in yourself

It’s okay to make mistakes once in a while, it’s ok not to always have the right answer to some questions. Also, there is no shame to ask when you do not know something. Teach your child to believe in himself and he will be very proud when he succeeds.

8. Be nice

Your child will meet children who will not always act by the book. Teach your child to be nice and not naughty. Teach him to share, to be kind and generous.

9. Do not start a fight, but …

He will meet troublemakers all the time. He will be pushed, offended, upset. Teach your child to talk nice and do not start a fight. Teach him to say what happens to a teacher or to an adult. Teach him that he can walk away from the person who is upsetting him, but he should never accept the role of the victim and, if necessary, he should defend himself how he knows best.

10. Learn your own lessons

Perhaps the hardest of lessons a parent has to teach to his child is learning his own lessons. Regardless of what he knows from home, school or kindergarten, he will be alone. He will have to adapt, to learn, to cope, to take care of himself until he comes back in your arms at the end of the a school day.