Things Women Hate about Men

There are certain types of people generally very unbearable, there are men that women cannot stand and women who make men go crazy. When you ask women about men, especially the things that they hate about them, the list will be endless. So, you can see that it was pretty difficult to choose only ten items for this list. It is said that men are from Mars and women from Venus. And yet, we live together side by side, even if some consider others to be aliens. Both men and women read books, magazines and are genuinely interested to know more about the opposite sex. And the more you read, the less you think you know.

1. Always cursing

It is true that most women are not annoyed if their partners occasionally drop a tough word in moments of anger. But no woman like a man whose only means of expression is cursing. So, gentlemen, please be just that: gentlemen.

2. Being overly domineering

Women want men to protect them and feel safe in their company. But they certainly do not want a dictator to tell them where to go, when to go, who to talk to or how to dress. Moreover, women do their best to escape the men who want to be in control in any situation. Remember that relationships are not about assigning roles: the powerful man and the woman who needs to be told want to do. That is why it is called a partnership and not a dictatorship.

3. The inability to make commitments

This is probably something that most women say about their partners. It is important for men to understand that when things start to get serious, women expect the relationship to become exclusive. Women hate to be treated by the man in their life as a revolving door and be subjected to mind games. If you are truly unable to commit and give your partner what she wants, it’s best to be honest. You wouldn’t like it if someone wasted your time, so why waste hers?

4. Lack of romance

Women believe in romance and emotional connection with their partners. Your girlfriend will be slightly unsatisfied and will not never let you touch her again if you simply fall asleep after being intimate. Women need romance even if they have been in a relationship for many years. You can never get tired from feeling that you are loved and desired.

5. Unwillingness to evolve

Although physique is not everything, in general women are not attracted to men that don’t care about their appearance and dress sloppy. Furthermore, if you’re not in a physical shape, women will think you do not respect yourself, you’re not disciplined and you do not have any ambition or motivation. Remember how you admire women who look good? Well, there is a lot of effort behind the process and we would appreciate if you did the same.

6. Predictability

Women hate predictable men who never want to do something different. Women are attracted to spontaneous men who will wake up in the morning and say “Let’s take the train and see where it takes us”. If all you want to do on weekends is be lazy in front of the TV with a big pizza beside you, things are not going to work.

7. Considering your friends first

If you enjoy more spending a night out with your friends instead of spending time with your girlfriend, it means that things are not going in the right direction. Of course, we are not saying that you have to eliminate your friends from your life, but it would be nice to make your girlfriend see that she is an important part of your life, even if she came after your friends.

8. Constant contradictions on any topic

Women hate to have to do with men who transform any conversation into an argument and they always become defensive. You don’t always have to be right, you know.

9. Staring at other women

While it is completely normal, as a man, to take a look around, this behavior can turn into a problem when you stare at another woman and forget that you girlfriend is by your side.

10. Lack of confidence

Confidence and independence are very sexy traits in men and insecurity and dependence are not. Women do not like men who doubt themselves and have a constant need to be encouraged when it comes to their relationships, job and friends.