Gliese 581 is a dwarf red star located at 20.3 light years from our Earth. Scientists from NASA discovered that there are some planets orbiting around this star. Gliese 581g is the sixth and the most interesting for us. Why? Because this planet, four times bigger than our planet, has the proper position from its sun and a solid matter, which are the most important facts for life sustaining. This new planet may be the Earth 2, but not as we know it. Gliese 581g could be habitable. There could be water, life in different forms, an atmosphere.

This discovery is very important for our main question “are we alone in the Universe?”. Well, it’s almost impossible for this to be true, but people need proofs. You know, seeing is believing. And Gliese 581g is an excellent proof for us.

Who can borrow me a starship capable to travel at the speed of light? I’ll be there in 20.3 years…