How to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

There’s nothing more infuriating than having to deal with fat that just won’t go away when you’re trying to tone and shape up your body. Belly fat in particular can be the source of plenty of problems – a true troublemaker if you will. Said trouble can be as minimal as shutting down your aesthetic confidence by giving birth to the infamous love handles or as damaging as serious health issues. Especially when the latter is concerned, knowing how to lose stubborn belly fat is vital.

How to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat


Because it’s a tad more complicated to shed off this excess, we’ve arranged a list of helpful 10 Awesome Tips on How to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat.

#1 Aerobic Exercise

Doing just any kind of exercise is going to be of much help when trying to determine how to lose stubborn belly fat. This is because belly excess has its own particular weakness that easily yields to: aerobic exercises. Anything that gets your heart pumping (jogging, swimming, biking) is a lot more effective than resistance training. If you pursue this path, the results are going to show up before you get to say “goodbye, belly fat.”

#2 Sufficient Food

If you eat too little or too much, this is going to take its toll on the evolution of your mission of how to lose stubborn belly fat. In most instances, the biggest problem lies with eating too much – or, rather, too many calories. Even though it can be a drag, it’s recommended that you try to keep track of your calories and adjust your diet accordingly.

#3 Tablespoons of Vinegar

A 2009 study conducted in Japan has showcased the beneficial effects of vinegar for our weight loss efforts. Obese people who were trying to shed some weight that consumed one or two tablespoons of vinegar every day for eight weeks displayed enhanced weight loss. This is because it’s believed that vinegar releases some substances that help with how to lose stubborn belly fat.

#4 Sugar Levels

Your sugar intake can actually determine how easy or tough it is to lose the stubborn belly fat that’s been bugging you so much. And, truth be told, it’s the most difficult thing to put behind you. It should come as a given, but you should greatly decrease the amounts of artificial sugars you consume.

#5 Protein Stocks

Protein is the greatest weight loss ally, that much is known. The reason for that is because it helps with the insulin resistance process that our body releases as we get older (and which results in insufferable belly fat). Stock up on protein and include it in your diet to the best of your abilities. The recommended ratio should be around 40% with another notable inclusion on your plate being carbs.

#6 Yoga Relaxation

Yes, yoga helps. Women, especially postmenopausal ones, who have practiced yoga for 16 weeks straight have noted a decrease in the fat levels circling their bellies. The reason for that is simple: stubborn belly fat is strongly linked with cortisol. By lowering your stress levels, you lower your cortisol levels, and, thus, you’ve got the key to how to lose stubborn belly fat.

#7 Sleep Schedule

And because belly fat is linked with cortisol, which is linked with our sleep habits, it’s only natural that the latter is connected to the former. In other (simpler) words, avoid chaotic sleeping schedules. Try to get in that eight-hour average per night and avoid oversleeping on the weekends, as tempting as it may be.

#8 Polyunsaturates

We can’t really carry on without healthy doses of fat as part of our diets, but if we have to bag this one in, might as well make it under the form of polyunsaturates. A conducted study had people consume 750 more calories than their normal dosage daily for seven weeks straight. One camp was team saturated fats, whereas one camp was team polyunsaturates. As opposed to the former, the people in the second team experienced significantly lower visceral fat gains.

#9 Fiber Boost

Fiber can never really hurt anyone and it definitely doesn’t hurt when trying to determine how to lose stubborn belly fat. Just like everything else on this list, it was proven via a study that adding 10 grams of fiber to your diet does wonders. This is the equivalent of two small apples.

#10 Tea Time

Tea by itself isn’t really going to do much (aside from cleansing your body, perhaps) but it really becomes something when paired up with regular exercise. Make a habit out of drinking green tea and your weight loss during exercising sessions with be boosted significantly.