Right after 9/11 attacks, US started a war against terrorism, and especially against Al-Qaeda, which culminated recently with the killing of world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. However, the war is not over yet. Al-Qaeda is still out there and a new, eager, face is ready to take over the leadership.

1. Osama Bin Laden

osama bin laden

Osama Bin Laden was the world’s most wanted terrorist for a decade. Amazingly, he managed to escape the US intelligence and to remain the dangerous threat it was ever since his religious fanaticism transformed into a weapon.   He was finally discovered in Pakistan in an imposing residential complex and shot to death.

2. Fazul Abdullah Mohammed

al qaeda leader

Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, age 38, was the leader of Al-Qaeda in East Africa .He was a very skilled commander of the Al-Qaeda forces and one of   the most intelligent members. He had 18 different names and fluently spoke 5 languages. He had organized many attacks, which he successfully fulfilled, killing numerous people during his 15 years ‘career’. Fortunately, Fazul Abdullah Mohammed was killed in a military road block in Mogadishu, after refusing to stop his car. It was not the US forces who got him after wall.

3. Ilyas Kashmiri

al quaeda leader 2

Ilyas Kashmiri was one of the most dangerous Al-Qaeda members, with a large experience as a strategist and as a military commander. Kashmiri was also seen as one of the possible leaders of Al Qaeda since the death of Osama Bin Laden. Apparently, someone else will be promoted in his place because the US forces managed to take him down on June, 3 2011, in West Waziristan, in a Predator Airstrike.

4. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

terrorist leader

This was one of the most dangerous terrorists who ever lived. Abu Musad al-Zarqawi killed thousands of people and had no respect for human life. His attacks were as ferocious as those of a wild animal and even the Al-Qaeda leadership started to see him as a possible threat because the man could not be controlled anymore. He was finally killed by the US in a bombing operation, back in 2006.

5. Mohammad Hasan khalil Al-Hakim

Al-Hakim was one of the ‘stars’ of Al-Qaeda, with an impressive background as a villain and as a terrorist. He is thought to have been the leader of external operations within the organization and also the person in charge with the media. He is the author of many books concerning jihad and propaganda against the United States. The life of this terrorist was ended by a drone strike on the car he was driving, in 2006.

6 . Sayeed al-Masri

terrorist leader

Al Masri (translated as The Egyptian) is believed t have been the Financial Chief of Al-Qaeda. He is also famous for being among the few members of Al-Qaeda who opposed to the September 11 attacks, for fear of the US reprisal. He was killed in Pakistan, May 2010.

7. Rashid Rauf


Rashid Rauf is a mysterious character; up do this day, his links with the Al-Qaeda are not entirely known and questions related to his death are still without an answer.  Although he was not ranked as a leader of the terrorist movement, Rauf is believed to have planned several attacks, including the 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot. He was arrested for this crime, but no evidence was found in this respect. In 2008, he was killed by a drone strike in Pakistan, but his body was never recovered and some believe he may still be alive. However, the contradictions do not stop here, because others believe he died in prison long before the attack.

8. Midhat Mursi

Midhat Mursi was an experienced bomb maker and one of Bin Laden’s most trusted persons. After being reported killed in 2006 by a missile attack, he was actually still alive and ready to plan more terrorist actions. His life REALLY ended in 2008 because of the same US drones, which this time did their job properly.

9. Muhammad Atef

killed leeader

He was a very important person in the hierarchy of Al-Qaeda, being considered the military chief of the organization and one of its founding members.  He was killed in 2001 in the first victory of the US forces against terrorism, when his safehouse was bombed by American Predator UAV.

10. Abu Hamza Rabia

terrorist of al qaeda

Abu Hamza Rabia was a leading member of the organization. Details on his life and criminal activities are not known but he is considered the replacer of Muhammad Atef and one of the planners of terrorist attacks. Apparently, he died in an explosion caused by his own explosive equipment  in 2005.

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