Kim Il-sung is being idolized even after his death.

Each country is known for a specific product or tradition, but not many have achieved the ridiculous status of North Korea. There are countless amusing facts about North Korea, and choosing the best of the best can prove to be quite difficult. Even though its citizens lead extremely hard lives, their strict rules, idolization of leaders, old technology and fake propaganda are downright funny.

1. Necrocracy

North Korea is still manged after the rules of a dead leader.

The first on our list of amusing facts about North Korea is that the country is led after the ancient rules of a dead leader. The country has not recorded any progress towards the modern world and society, and this is easily reflected in the other entries on our list. As the citizens of this country are forbidden from doing things we consider usual and normal, more and more people are fleeing North Korea.

2. Means of Sending Threats

North Korea threatened its southern neighbor via fax.

North Korea has been for many years in a dire economical situation. This happened as a result of several natural disasters and the sanctions from the United Nations. It seems that they are not doing any better with the technological advancement either. After a couple of demonstrations against the dictatorship of North Korea took place in South Korea, the country threatened its neighbor with war. The document was sent by fax, which must have been terribly amusing to the Defense Ministry of the advanced South Korea.


One of the most amusing facts about North Korea include its space agency.


Even though North Korea considers the United States their enemies, this did not stop them from copying the logo of NASA for their own space agency. The space program is set to start with the establishment of Kim Jong-il and Kim Il-sung’s complete space power. If this does not amuse you, the meaning of nada in Spanish might. The word is largely used in Europe with the same meaning: nothing. And this is precisely what NADA has accomplished until now.

4. Regulations

Citizens of North Korea cannot wear jeans.


Some amusing facts about North Korea can also be related to their rules, even though they are making the lives of the citizens insufferable. For instance, North Koreans are forbidden from wearing jeans, since the material comes from the United States. Furthermore, men can only choose from a variety of 28 hairstyles and are encouraged to choose the one most similar to the one of the country’s leader. Married women have to keep their hair short, while single ones can let it grow longer.

5. World Cup

The fake North Korean fans are among the most amusing facts about North Korea.

As in a traditional communist society, the citizens can only leave the country with the permission of the regime. Over the last 60 years, about 23,000 people have left illegally. In this case it might seem a bit odd seeing the legion of fans cheering for North Korea at the World Cup. In truth, the fans were revealed to be paid actors from China. The World Cup was not televised live in the country, and the people had to watch it after 24 hours.

6. Unicorns

The scientists of North Korea apparently have proof on the existence of unicorns.

The amusing facts about North Korea also include the brilliant discovery that unicorns are real, and they live in North Korea. Several scientists from the country discovered the burial site of one of the mythical creatures in 2012. As the propagandist Korean Central News Agency reported, the unicorn belonged to King Dongmyeong, the founder of the Kingdom of Goguryeo, part of ancient Korea. The fact was deemed as real because the entrance to the temple had a rock engraved with the following words: Unicorn Lair.

7. Fake City

Kijong-Dong is a fake city at the border with South Korea.

In order to attract immigrants from South Korea, Kim Jong-il made plans for a great city at the border between the two countries. The fake city is meant to look attractive, but the North Korean leader did not stop here: he also built the largest hotel in the world. The Ryugyong is a pyramid with 105 levels, and is situated in Pyongyang. Unfortunately, it was never used and even today it remains empty.

8. Photoshop

The most amusing facts about North Korea include their Photoshop skills.

As many countries showcase their strength and power with military parades or diplomacy, North Korea decided to release the photos of the 2015 test of a submarine missile. One of the amusing facts about North Korea is that the photos were clearly photoshopped, and that was not the first time they used this strategy. The country also used images of approaching hovercrafts, as well as showing Kim Jong-il as tall as the military generals he is standing next to, despite the fact that everyone is aware of his smaller stature.

9. Cinema

North Korea once kidnapped two film producers to make movies for them.

Kim Jong-il was a major cinephile who produced numerous propagandist movies. The leader also wrote a whole book named On the Art of Cinema. However, his passion was so great he even kidnapped in 1978 a famous South Korean movie director, Shin Sang-ok, and his wife Choi Eun-hee who was an actress. The duo made seven films before managing to escape in 1986.

10. Calendar

Kim Il-sung is being idolized even after his death.

Lastly, the calendar of North Korea is completely different from any calendar you have seen. Most calendars come from the Gregorian reform, but the calendar of this country is based on the birth of its greatest leader Kim Il-sung. North Koreans do not live in the year 2016, but in 104. Furthermore, the date when he died, July 8, as well as the day Kim Jong-il died, December 17, cannot be celebrated as birthdays.

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