Daryl is one of the best characters from the Walking Dead, and surely the most popular.

Attention: spoiler alert! As we are patiently waiting for the second part of season 6 to air in February, we cannot help but worry for our favourite characters. Even if The Walking Dead does not raise to the killing streak of HBO’s Game of Thrones, we have lost beloved people in the past seasons. Most of the best characters from the Walking Dead are still struggling to survive, and we cannot wait to see what is next for them. The following top comprises the most impressive figures from the TV series.

10. Eugene Porter

Eugene Porter is a secondary character, but nevertheless a very special one.

Let us start our top of the best characters from the Walking Dead with the ambiguous Eugene. Even though he lacks all kind of courage whatsoever and has previously lied to the main characters, he does seem on the road to redemption. As we have recently seen, Eugene managed to control his fear and guard Tara when she was badly injured. Furthermore, he saved the lives of Glenn and Nicolas when they were trapped by zombies, which makes us pretty sure he will surprise us soon again.

9. Shane Walsh

Arguably the perfect representation of an internal conflict, Shane is one of the best characters from the Walking Dead.

Shane has to be one of the most controversial characters on the series. Even though he starts as a well-intentioned man, his actions are misunderstood by his fellows who tend to make more emotional decisions. He ends up a victim of his own desires, and after a terrible internal conflict becomes the villain of the second season. Shane stands as an example that even the best men can turn bad in unfavourable circumstances.

8. The Governor

The Governor is arguably the best villain in the TV series until now.

The Governor is considered by many the most outstanding villain in the TV series. Extremely charming, he manages to fool everyone who enters Woodbury that he is the perfect leader. Unfortunately, he is also passionate about torturing and shows absolutely no remorse in killing innocent people. It remains to be seen if the Governor will be dethroned by the upcoming villain Negan.

7. Maggie Greene

Viewers loved Maggie from the first time she appeared in the series.

Apart from being honest and loyal, Maggie is one of the best characters from the Walking Dead. She also embodies the loss of innocence in the zombie-infested world. Maggie goes through a huge development, from an emotional girl to a tenacious woman, after experiencing the loss of her father and sister. Her relationship with Glenn is probably the closest expression of love we will see on the series.

6. Glenn Rhee

Glenn gave us all quite a fright recently.

When we first met Glenn, we didn’t give him much chance of survival. And yet he is still living and breathing, even after that terrible moment when Nicolas pulled the trigger and we thought we lost him forever. Glenn is truly a resourceful and brave man, as well as one of the few characters that is genuinely kind. We can only hope he will not see his end like in the comic books, at the hands of the next villain, Negan.

5.  Morgan Jones

Probably the most mysterious individual, Morgan belongs among the best characters from the Walking Dead.

We met Morgan quite early in the story, and we abandoned him just as quick. He stayed alive in our minds until Rick stopped trying to contact him. Much later on, he appeared again as a maniacal man destroyed by the loss of his son. We abandoned him again, only for him to find us at the beginning of the last season. Morgan showed up as a changed man who values life more than anything and at this point has become more rational than Rick Grimes.

4. Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes is possibly the most challenged character in the series.

Rick is the central character in the series, and the subject of many discussions. Some love him, some hate him, but one thing is certain: the series would not be complete without him. Rick started out as very just person, but after experiencing his own tragedy of having to kill his best friend and losing his wife, he has made foolish decisions. After all the situations he has been put through, it has become quite clear that his biggest quality is his leadership.

3. Carol Peletier

Carol had an amazing development from season 1 until now.

Carol had quite a different fate on TV as compared to the comic books. While in the comics we lose her pretty early on, she truly is one of the best characters from the Walking Dead TV series. After losing her daughter and standing up to her abusive husband, Carol is currently a true top bad-ass. Thus, she presents the best evolution from a frail character to a strong, unrelenting one. We simply cannot wait to see where she will end up in the second part of season 6.

2. Daryl Dixon

Daryl is one of the best characters from the Walking Dead, and surely the most popular.

Arguably the most popular person on the show, Daryl is truly one of the best characters from the Walking Dead. He was especially created for the TV series, and we couldn’t be more grateful for that! We can first notice his uniqueness by taking a look at his weapon of choice: a crossbow. Daryl has come a long way too, from the loner who was misunderstood by everyone, to a member of the unfortunate group that are like family. Furthermore, he had to face his own demons when choosing to side with his brother, Merle, or his current group.

1. Michonne

Michonne surprised us all when she made her appearance on the show.

The one who tops our best characters from the Walking Dead list is Michonne. After her bad-ass introduction at the end of season two, we could all see her sturdiness. It took her a whole three seasons to start letting her emotions in again, and it was a touching moment. At the moment it is safe to say she is more mentally stable than Rick, who once managed to make the best decisions and now seems to have lost it completely.

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