how to save on electric bills

Electricity consumption is one of the main problems of modern man. And not just because everyone wants to lower electricity bills, but also because low power consumption helps protect the environment effectively. For those who live in an apartment building, here are ten ideas that, once met, will help both save money in your own pocket and behave responsibly towards the environment.

1. Energy saving starts in the store

Buy appliances which meet consumer class A + or even A. Even if they cost a little more at first, looking ahead, they will save energy in the long run.

2. Buy an electricity reduction device

It is the so-called power saver and it is designed to stabilize voltage in the power grid, reducing its consumption by at least 10%, protecting the entire circuit and equipment.

3. Install energy saving light bulbs instead of incandescent

Depreciation as a cost on economic bulbs which have the same power as incandescent ones, is done in six months and its life expectancy is over two years, which makes the advantages is obvious.

4. If you go on leave vacation, unplug appliances

Empty the refrigerator of perishable foods and leave it unplugged, but with the door opened. Do not unplug it however if you go a few days because regaining consumption for cooling temperature is higher initially. Pay attention and the amount of food in the refrigerator and adjust it to optimal use for that amount.

5. Do not forget daily gesture that actually have the greatest impact on overall power consumption

Turn off lights whenever leaving a room and do not forget them on when you leave home. Do not fall asleep with the TV on or schedule it to turn off by itself. It is best to turn off the TV not from the remote control, but from the button on the actual TV, as well as computer monitor and don’t leave them on standby. Researchers concluded that the electrical equipment left in stand -by results in a loss of several hundred dollars per year in one house.

6. Power consumption of appliances can be better calculated and saved if you keep in mind a few other tips:

  • Use washing machine to its maximum capacity or if half load, set it on an economic program. Wash at low temperatures
  • Use the vacuum with appropriate brushes and clean the filters regularly

7. Do not keep your refrigerator near a heat source

… or a window that could warm it and clean dust frequently in the back of it.

8. Give up boilers, chimneys and heating equipment based on electricity

or use at least radiators with thermostat. These are among the largest consumers of electricity, especially during winter.

9. Use electrical equipment moderately

In terms of the highest power consumption sources in a home, this time in terms of objects used on a daily basis, plasma TVs, play- station or personal computers have a big responsibility. Use them fewer hours per day and do not let them run without using them.

10. Phone chargers

This is a mistake many people make: leaving the phone charger plugged, although you have unplugged the phone. You will be surprised to find out that your phone charger keeps on consuming energy even if it doesn’t have a device plugged it.

Did you know that mobile phone chargers also have a standard of consumption, ie energy class, as well as appliances? Five star chargers have the lowest energy consumption, while those with zero stars have the highest consumption.