The following is a list of the top 10 most populated countries on the globe by the number of their registered inhabitants. The United Nations has been the resource for all info mentioned in it, unless otherwise declared and the numbers were correct when the list was made. However, some of these countries have an ascending trend of their population growth, while the other a descnding one, so, on the long term, these staggering numbers will suffer modification significantly. As a general trend, the more developed nations have a negative tendency, while the less developed countries are booming  when it comes to their population growth.

10. Japan (127,155,000)


With just over 127 million people, Japan is the nation with the 10th greatest number of inhabitants in this country. It is an isle country off the eastern side of Asia and it is one of the most developed countries on the globe. As a result of its weaker population growth rate, the trend is now a negative one, meaning that the number of Japanese individual inhabitants is now reducing in size due to their low births and a rather increased amount of deaths due to its elderly people.

9. Russian Federation (140,875,000)

Russian Federation

Russia is a truly new country, having been created in 1991 after the dissolving of the Soviet Union (USSR). It is a wide country, spreading across the majority of North European countries and Asia. It is the largest country on the globe in terms of land territories. Like Japan, the inhabitants of Russian Federation are dropping in numbers. However, that does not prevent the UN to calculate its number of residents at over 140 million in 2012. This level leads to Russian Federation being the nation with the 9th place on our list so far.

8. Nigeria (154,730,000)


Nigeria is the eighth most booming country on the globe, and the only African country to enter into the top 10. The nation is one of extreme conditions. In the northern parts of Nigeria the Sahel can be discovered, whereas in the southeast there are jungles and the Niger delta. The inhabitants are also split in two categories, with the North’s 50 percent being primarily Islamic and the southern 50 percent being mainly Christians and civil disruptions along religious factions can sometimes occur. However, Nigeria is also regarded to be a nation with good economic prospects. At the moment, the rate of its populations growth is still relatively great at 1.999%, and so the inhabitants of Nigeria will be even more later on.

7. Bangladesh (162,220,000)


With a number of over 162 million of people, this country has the place among the most populated nations on the globe. Bangladesh is in south part of Asia, and has boundaries with India and Burma. The nation is one of the densely populated countries and this is possible because most of the country is situated on extremely rich floodplains. However, that does lead to regular harmful flooding. The inhabitants of Bangladesh are growing at over 1% every year.

6. Pakistan (180,810,000)


Pakistan is one of the several southern Asian countries that are extremely populated. In the north and western parts there are mountains, while in the eastern territories there are rich flatlands. A nation that had many problems in the recent past since its independence and despite this, has continued to improve despite a relatively high growth rate of its population at almost 2%, even if once again this speed is dropping significantly. Another place of many extreme conditions, Pakistan is the nation with the 6th greatest number inhabitants at more than 180 million people.

5. Brazil (193,735,000)


Brazil is the country with the greatest mad territory in South America and also the only South American nation to make it into this listing of the top 10 countries with the highest number of people. The country is covered with the Amazonian jungle and the associated rivers that are in the north, western and central parts of the country. However, most of the inhabitants are situated in the eastern of the country, around large cities such as Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo. With a total population of over 190 million, Brazil is a nation that takes the fifth place in the top.

4. Indonesia (230,000,000)


Indonesia is a country of thousands of isles in Southeast Asia. It has the biggest number of people of any primarily Islamic state. However, there are substantial unprivileged non-Islamic groups. Over 50 percent of the inhabitants live on the isle of Java, despite the land accounting for fewer than 10% of the complete land regions of Indonesia. This makes the island the most populated isle on the globe, and in fact, with its number of 130 million people, if it were it to be an independent country it would be the 10th most populated nation on the globe. Most isles of Indonesia are volcanic regions and are covered in jungle. With a massive figure of over 230 million people, the country is fourth on the listing of nations with the greatest population.

3. United States of America (314,660,000)

United States of America

United States of America is the nation with the 3rd greatest population on the globe. The US is a wide country, with the 3rd land territory of all the countries in the world. United States of America, also known as US, USA or United States is, at current time, the only real superpower on the globe, both financially, culturally and militarily. But, the nation is not without its problems and while ‘the land of the free’ as the country is known is regarded a shining example of performance, for others the United States of America represents everything that is bad in our world. However, right US is 3rd on the short list of top ten countries with the greatest population, and it is likely to stay remain that way for quite a while due to an increase in indigenous inhabitants and huge levels of immigration.

2. India (1,198,000,000)


India is one of just two countries on the globe with a number of people surpassing the 1 billion barrier. Situated in southern Asia, it has boundaries with six other nations – China, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Burma and Bangladesh. The country’s inhabitants are quite diverse, with a large number of faiths, living styles and ethnical background. For example, while Hinduism is its predominant religion with over 75% of the people following it, significant numbers of individuals adhere to other faiths due to the huge population in this country. That fact solely has many times led to inter-communities trouble. India’s number of people is growing steadily, along with its massive economy and many individuals perceive it to be an upcoming superpower. With a population of just about 1.2 billion, India represents the largest democracy on the globe and the nation with the second number of people inhabiting it.

1. China (1,345,750,000)


China or People’s Republic of China to quote its formal name, is the nation with the largest number of inhabitants on the globe. If the residents of the special independent regions of Hong Kong or Macau are taken into account, the total population of China is even bigger. In addition, it would have been even larger were it not for its infamous one child policy that China has applied since 1979, with a specific aim of limiting the number of people. This has had a considerable impact, and it has been calculated by the Chinese government that the plan prevented over 200 million extra births during the period between 1980 and 2000 and, in the present days, it can be assumed that the plan has had an even greater impact and China’s inhabitants would be well over 1.5 billion people. However, even with this policy China has a population of around 1.35 billion, which leads it being the nation with the largest population.

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