Places you can visit from your couch

The world is amazing. Never mind seeing it from space, swimming in the depths of the ocean or seeing the Northern Lights. Only few of us will ever get to experience the thrill of climbing dangerously high mountains or even less people will get the chance to watch wildlife as it happens . And that is perfectly natural.

But I’m talking about more realistic sightseeing here. Staying in line to see the Mona Lisa can be a tedious job, as well as waiting to get a glimpse of the majestic Pyramids can be less exciting than imagined, thanks to the burning heat and massive crowds. Also, why should people who cannot travel at all, due to medical conditions, not enjoy the wonders of the world? It is simply not fair.

And not to mention how unpleasant it may be to find yourself standing in line for 6 hours in a row to see Notre Dame or the Eiffel Tour only to find out that they are closing so you have to come back the next to spend another 2 hours, get in along with other 1000 souls, see everything, understand nothing, and leave home displeased and with 25 euro wasted. As the society has changed, tourists have too. You may not enjoy the landscape as much as you wished if there was someone in your proximity swearing, speaking loudly and being , well, obnoxious. It takes out all the fun, doesn’t it?

So, for those of you out there who dread the impersonal feel of tourist attractions all over the world, this a ranking of the best places you can see without getting up of your couch.

#10 Prague


Situated at the same latitude as Frankfurt, Paris and Vancouver, Prague is the home of many cultural attractions, which you should not miss. Capital of the Czech Republic and fourteenth largest city in the European Union, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Over 4 million tourists visit Prague every year making it one of the most popular cities in Europe.

The city has numerous world-class museums, hundreds of concert halls, galleries, cinemas and music clubs and the architecture is rarely seen anywhere else. It’s a mixture of old with new, awe inspiring landscapes and modern buildings, winding streets and cozy cafes giving an old European feel to it.

If Prague is not on your bucket list, take this virtual tour and see it for yourself.

#9 (Get your kicks on) Route 66


Route 66 is colloquially known as the Mother Road of America, being one of the first U.S. Highways. The highway originally ran from Illinois to California, covering a total of 3, 940 km. it is an inspiration to the Country music culture, and to road lovers all over the world.

The road is beautifully American, twisty and turning, making you, the driver, feel in control. You have the wheel; it’s only you, the car and the road. It gives life on the road a different meaning. Of course, going to America only to take a ride on Route 66 is a bit farfetched. Sit down on the couch, grab a beer and enjoy the road in its entire splendor at

#8 The Eiffel Tour


Probably the best known cultural icon of France and one of the most recognizable structures ni the world, the 324 m Eiffel Tour stands tall in Paris, France, and it is the most visited paid monument in the world.

Staying in line to ascend the tour is weary. The bustle and the stirring excitement slowly turn into frustrations and vexation. By the time you get to see the tour, you are no longer in the mood. So, the best way to go is to grab some croissants and a latte, sit down and visit and take a virtual tour. It is almost as best as the real thing.

#7 Ancient city of Petra


Petra is a historical and archaeological wonderful city in southern Jordan and it is worldwide famous for its rock-cut architecture and water conduit system. Petra is also called the Rose City due to the color of the rocks, which is light pink.

Supposedly established around 312 BC, Petra is a symbol of Jordan, being the most visited tourist attraction. Have a look at and if you like it, book a flight immediately. It is not something to be missed.

#6  Burj Khalifa


Also known as Burj Dubai, Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in Dubai, united Arab Emirates and it is by far the tallest man-made structure in the world, standing at 829 m. Amazing, huh? The decision to build such a tower is reportedly based on the government’s decision to diversify Dubai’s economy, which was mainly oil-based.

The observation deck is the main attraction. It is called “At the Top’’ and you can see Dubai from 452 m above the ground. But, if you are terrified of heights, there is a way in which you could enjoy the scenery, by going to It’s as if you were there, only you don’t ever have to leave the house.

#5  Red Square, Moscow


Considered to be the center of Moscow, Red Square attracts thousands of tourists. The word Red does not come from the pigmentation of the bricks or from the link between communism and red. Shocking, isn’t it? In actuality, in Russian красная is an archaic form of the word beautiful. Resembling a candy land, the red Square is amongst the most beautiful sightseeing in the world.

However, visas to Russia are a bit difficult to obtain, and the process is strenuous. Need not worry, as you can see it live at

#4 The Great Pyramids of Giza


Oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramids of Giza have been for more than 3,800 years the tallest man-made structure on earth. The pyramids are an astonishing work of engineering, were built throughout 20 years time and over 100,000 men worked on the great structure.

Tourists enter the Great Pyramid via Robbers’ Tunnel, which was built around AD 820 and you can see them too at

#3 Niagara Falls


Located on the Niagara River, the Niagara Falls were formed when glaciers receded at the end of the Wisconsin glaciations, commonly known as the last ice age. The Niagara falls are renowned for their mesmerizing beauty and breathtaking scenery, as well as being a great source of hydroelectric power. offers 24/7 live access to the Niagara Falls without getting wet or cold.

#2  Jökulsárlón Glacial Lake


Beautifully calm, the glacial lake is one of the most famous tourist attractions in island, being also the deepest lake in Iceland. It first appeared in 1935 and since then it grew from 7.9 km2 to at least 18km2 today. The distance between the lake and the sea is relatively small, so there is a slight possibility that in time, the two will merge.

During the summer you can enjoy a half an hour boat ride and maybe even enjoy the aurora borealis. Who knows. But, during the winter, you can take a peek at

#1 The Northern Lights


The aurora borealis, also known as the Northern Lights has always been fascinating for travelers all over the world. With each appearance of the northern lights being so unique, they represent one of the most wonderful, natural wonders of the world.

Well, not as much as a wonder, since the northern lights are but the sun that lies behind the formation of the auroras and when they light particles meet the Earth magnetic shield, they interact with the upper layers of the atmosphere, creating energy which we perceive as light.

Seeing the lights, however, requires patience. You are at the mercy of nature, you cannot just book a trip to see them and expect them to make an appearance. In this case, you can stay at home and visit for live action.