In the quest for extraterrestrial life forms, some people have been suspected of sheltering a feeling of “carbon exclusivists”, anticipating other life forms in the galaxy and outside of it to be created from the same biochemical foundations as we are and developing our queries accordingly to these criteria. Here are 10 illustrations of scientific and non biological techniques that expand the meaning of “life”.

10. Non-Biological Life Forms

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Some decades ago, researchers suggested the chance of finding non-biological life forms. They stated that potential metabolisms for these systems are in accordance with the four essential forces – gravity, strong nuclear force (or chromodynamics), electromagnetism, and weak nuclear force. Electro-magnetic life forms are the conventional scientific life discovered on our planet, as well as other unfamiliar scientific options and machine-based beings

Chromodynamic aliens could exist in accordance with the powerful nuclear forces, which are the most violent of the essential forces, but only over incredibly brief distances. Such an atmosphere is possible to be on the neutron stars, large, rotating stars that are 10 to 15 miles across and with a huge density. With high-density, amazing magnetic areas and gravity more than 100 billion times larger than on Earth, these stars have a crusting of crystalline metal nuclei that is less than 2 miles wide. Under it is a mass of incredibly hot neutrons with a wide range of nuclear contaminants, such as protons or atomic nuclei and even extremely neutron-rich “macronuclei”. Those macronuclei can hypothetically form bigger super nuclei comparable to natural elements, with neutrons performing as the comparative of standard water in an incredibly unusual pseudo-biological program.

Scientists recognize that weak-nuclear-force entities are less likely to exist, as weak powers function only at their sub-nuclear scales and are not very effective. As it reveals up regularly in radioactive-beta or free-neutron corrosion, the weak force beings could be crested by properly managing the weak links in its atmosphere. They thought about aliens consisting of atoms with extra neutrons that are radioactive after they die. It is believed that there are areas of space where these weak nuclear forces are more powerful, improving the possibilities for this type of life form.

9. Von Neumann Artificial Life Forms

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Machine-based synthetic life is a typical idea, almost understated, so we will concentrate on the amazing Von Neumann concepts for the reasons of this content. They were imagined by Hungarian futurist J. Von Neumann, who considered that, to be able to duplicate the features of the mind, a device would need self-control or self-repair systems. He presented the idea of developing self-replicating devices, depending on findings of how forms of life improve in complexness through duplication. He considered that such devices should possess some type of worldwide constructor that would permit them to not only develop replications. of themselves but to also probably enhance or change them, enabling for progress and improved complexness eventually.

Other futurists like Dyson or Drexler soon used these ideas to the areas of alien life discovery and brought the theory of a Von Neumann device. Releasing self-replicating machines into space might be the most effective method to colonize the universe, probably taking up the whole Milky Way in under one million years, even when they are restricted by the light speed.

The Von Neumann probes are machines developed to go to remote stars and make industries that will create duplicates of themselves by the countless numbers. A celestial satellite rather than a bigger planet is the perfect location for Von Neumann probes, because they can quickly land or take off from the moons, and because the moons do not have erosion. The probes would stay off the moon, using normally sourced remains of metal, minerals etc. to make the raw components to develop a robot manufacturer. They would make a large number of duplicates of themselves and they would then spread and look for other stars in the galaxy

8. Different Biochemistry Life Forms

Biochemistry (Copy)

There have been various other suggestions for life forms depending on something other than what we know. Like silicon and carbon, boron can connect powerful covalent molecular substances, developing many different types of hydrides, in which these atoms are connected by hydrogen links. Similar to carbon properties, boron can create ties with nitrogen to make substances that have structures and actual qualities just like alkanes, the most basic natural elements. The overall problem with boron life forms is that this factor is, from all that we have researched, incredibly unusual. Boron-based aliens would be more possible to exist in an atmosphere where its temperature range is good enough for the ammonia elements to be fluid solutions, as substance responses would be more manageable.

Another theoretical life form that obtained some press interest is the arsenic-based one. All creatures on Earth are based on carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus or sulfur, but recently it was have discovered a bacteria known as GFAJ-1 which can integrate arsenic instead of sulfur into its vital framework with no negative results. GFAJ-1 grows in the arsenic-rich environments, since arsenic is toxic to every creature on the globe, except for a few harmful bacteria that can consume and assimilate it. GFAJ-1 is the initial case of a living thing integrating arsenic as its life foundation. Separate scientists dismissed the statements when they discovered no proof of arsenic being integrated into other DNA, the element being rather less attached to the GFAJ-1’s structure. Still, the interest in the chance of arsenic-based chemistry has been increasing in the recent years.

7. Memetics Life Forms

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Some scientists consider that the working concept behind life is that it advances by the differential success of copying elements. Life has to be able to be duplicated (with some variations) and to be put in a place where natural selection and progress are possible. They outlined that ideas are create within the mind and are distributed between individuals through interaction. In many ways, this appears like the actions and difference of genetics, so these manifestations are known as “memes”. Some evaluate music, humor and traditions seen in human cultures since the very beginning of natural life – basic radicals diving in the Earth’s primordial ocean. Such animals of the mind duplicate, create and contend for success in the world of ideas.

These memes persisted before humankind, in social birds’ calls or discovered in the actions of primates. When humankind became capable of subjective thought, such memes were further advancing, regulating tribe interaction and developing the base for the first traditions, lifestyle and religious beliefs. The innovation of written ideas further stimulated the growth of memes, as they were able to be distributed over space or time, sharing memetic details in the same methods that genetics material distributes biological data. To some people this is a genuine example, but others say that memes signify the real reasons for a unique, or somewhat standard and restricted, life form.

6. Silicon-Based Life Forms

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Silicon-based beings are perhaps the more typical forms of different chemistry researched in well-known sci-fi. The idea is an old one, as way back to 1894, since it is Silicon is well known accurately because it is just like carbon in its structure and can link four chemical connections in a similar way to carbon, starting the base of an entirely silicon-structured biochemical planet. Silicon is the most abundant in our planet’s crust besides oxygen. There are some species of plankton that absorb silicon into their development process. Silicon has the drawback of being second after carbon, an element that is able of being more constant and different complex component essential for life. Carbon elements integrate nitrogen and oxygen, which form incredibly constant ties. Complex silicon-based elements have a regrettable propensity to be split apart. Carbon is incredibly common all over the universe and it has spread for an immeasurable number of years.

Life based on silicon is not likely to appear in an Earth-like atmosphere, since the majority of free silicon might be closed in volcanic or igneous stones created from silicate nutrients. It is supposed that factors could be different in other high-temperature atmospheres, but no proof has been discovered. An excessive environment like Titan’s could help silicon-based beings, perhaps creating the base for methanogeic life, as silicon elements like silanes or polysilanes simulate Earth’s natural chemical balance. However, on other planets, the outer area is covered with carbon as well, while more silicon is buried within the crust.

5. Methanogenic Life Forms

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In 2005, US scientists created a document wondering on the chance of finding beings with a methane-based structure or “methanogens”. Such life forms could absorb hydrogen,, ethane, acetylene and breathe out methane’s byproducts instead of CO2.

This can make it possible for human friendly areas for living to be available on cold planets like Saturn’s celestial satellite Titan. Just like our planet, the Titanian environment is made of nitrogen, but it is combined with methane. It is also the only region in our solar system, besides Earth, to have massive fluid bodies, such as lakes and waterways with an ethane-methane combination. Underground systems of waters are also located on Titan, on the other satellite of Saturn, Enceladus and on Jupiter’ moon, Europa. Liquids are considered essential for the molecular communications of natural life, and most interest has been targeted on water finding, but such communications are also occurring in ethane or methane.

The astronomers noticed a blurry world with a wide temperature range between night and day, where water is hard as stone, and methane moves through stream valleys or pools in abysmal ponds. This year, a team of technicians and astronomers designed a theoretical mobile tissue layer made of little natural nitrogen substances that was capable to operate in Titan’s fluid methane. They named their theoretical model “azotosome” or “nitrogen body”, and it had the same balance and versatility of a terrestrial liposome. The most popular molecular substance was the acrylonitrile azotosome. This is an element without color and is a toxic natural substance used for polymer materials, resins or thermoplastics that has been discovered in Titan’s unusual environment.

The effects for the research for alien life forms are big. Not only it could possibly be life on Titan, but also it could be recognized by hydrogen, ethane and acetylene reduction in the outer atmosphere. Methane-dominated environments on satellites and planet’s are supposed to be orbiting stars just like our Sun, but also next to red dwarves with broader human friendly regions (as moons like Titan block red and ultra violet rays but allow blue and infra-red light.

4. The Gaia Theory

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40 years ago, James Lovelock wrote an article that produced a strong reaction at that time. While the traditional view is that all life appeared on our planet and has blossomed because the content circumstances were right, he claimed that all forms of life themselves have taken an effective part in identifying and keeping the circumstances for their success. He suggested that all living forms in the air, water and on land, are part of one single system acting much as one super-organism that is alive and able to alter the temperature ranges of the atmosphere and the structure of the weather to ensure its success. He named this system Gaia, after the Ancient World goddess. It prevails to sustain a homeostasis through which the biosphere is surviving in the global systems

He has been working on the Gaia speculation since the 1960s. The theory is that Earth’s life has a number of regular periods, and when one is wrong, the others make up to keep habitability for life forms. This was used to describe why the air is not mostly CO2 or why the waters are not extremely high in sodium. While volcanic breakouts made an early environment of mainly dioxide, bacteria made nitrogen through excretion and vegetation created oxygen by photosynthesis. After an incredible number of years, the climate was modified to our current, reasonably enjoyable one. Despite waterways carrying sodium to the seas from stones, oceanic salinity continues to be constant at 3.5 percent because the salts are eliminated through breaks in the sea ground. This is not a conscious procedure, but the outcome of all these is a circle that keeps the globe in a human friendly balance.

Other proof contains how if it were not for biotic actions, components like methane or hydrogen could disappear from the surface in just a few years. Also, regardless of the Sun becoming with 30 % hotter the last 3 billion years, the average heat range has only changed by only 5 degrees Celsius (or 9 °F) during that period, thanks to a regulating system that eliminated excessive dioxide from the climate and closed it up in fossilized natural layers.

Initially, these concepts were made fun of and had allegations of New Age ideas and pseudoscience. Eventually, however, this Gaia theory has had an impact on the methods in which researchers think about our planet’s biosphere, helping to gather interest to changes of the biosphere and how it impacts the whole. Nowadays, the Gaia concept is more well known than approved by researchers. It is considered by many as a beneficial social structure for which studies can be followed, regarding the world as an international environment.

3. iCHELL Life Forms

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There are scientists who have a desire, and that desire is to make living tissues out of steel. They use polyoxometalates, a type of steel atoms connected to phosphorus and oxygen, to make cell-like pockets that they call inorganic-chemical-cells (iCHELLs). Many of these ideas from our current advancements in the military and security industry, where the armors are getting better every day.

The group started by creating sodium from negatively charged particles of the huge steel oxides limited to little, positively charged particles, like sodium or hydrogen. A part of these salts is squirted into other substances full of positively charged particles limited to little, negative ones. The elements meet and exchange parts, and the huge steel oxides become joined with the huge natural ions, creating a type of carcasses or percolates that are insoluble in normal water. By changing the steel oxide source, the structures can be given their scientific purposes, precisely enabling substances in and out of the tissue, possibly enabling for the same type of managed substance responses that take place in living tissues.

The group has also created tissues within tissues, resembling the inner components of living tissues, and has created improvements toward making an artificial type of photosynthesis that could possibly be used to make artificial plant cells. Other scientists note that these tissues will never be natural until they gain some system for duplication and improvement, like DNA. They are optimistic that ongoing development will allow these achievements. Prospective programs for this technology include creating materials for solar energy devices (the tissues can store electricity) or potential medical programs.

2. Plasma-Based Life Forms

plasma (Copy)

Life on Earth is depending on as well on various elements, some of the alternatives possible in the universe are defying the limits of our mind. The scientists have observed that, in the appropriate circumstances, contaminants of inorganic dust can be structured into helical components, which can be linked to each other in a way similar to the natural chemicals. This action happens in the state of plasma, a state beyond the solids, fluids and gases, where all electrons are ripped from their atoms, putting behind a huge amount of massive particles.

The researchers discovered that, as electronic processes became divided and plasma was polarized, contaminants in the plasma were organized into several corkscrew helical components electronically charged and drawn one to another. They were also able to split to create duplicates of the unique framework, just like our DNA, and generate changes in the others elements nearby. These complicated, organized plasma components display all the necessary qualities to be eligible as elements for inorganic life forms. They are independent, they recreate and they develop.

Some are naturally doubtful and believe that all statements that inorganic components are forms of life are just advertising than serious studies and scientific statements. While these helical components developing in plasma might look like DNA, similarity in type does not actually mean similarity in operations. Furthermore, the point that all helices can self-replicate is not a sign of life forms; since atmosphere can do this, too. More damningly, many of the analysis were depending on computer designs rather than actual studies.

1. XNA Based Life Forms

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Life on our planet is depending on two data-carrying elements, DNA and RNA, and researchers have asked themselves whether it is possible for other identical elements to exist. While any plastic can incorporate data, DNA and RNA show genetics, growth and transmit inherited data, and are able of adjusting eventually through transformative procedures. DNA and RNA are arrays of elements known as nucleotides, created from three substances: a five-carbon sugar link (a deoxyribose element in the DNA and a ribose one in the RNA), a phosphate and one of the five conventional models (guanine, adenine, cytosine, uracil or thymine).

One of the new inheriting models, HNA (hexitol nucleic acidity), was discovered to be effective enough to collect enough genetic details to act as the foundation of scientific biology. Another design believed to exist, threose nucleic acidity (TNA), is regarded a prospective element for the strange primordial chemistry that ruled before the beginning of life.

There is a variety of prospective programs for this growth. Further research could assist in creating better designs for the birth of life on our planet and have effects for studies on chemistry. XNAs might be integrated in healing programs, developing nucleic acidity therapies capable to combine particular molecular substances without degrading as easily as DNA and RNA. These could even be the foundation for molecular devices and an entirely artificial life form.

However, before this is possible, other minerals designed for a specific XNA have to be designed. A few of those minerals were created in the labs and this is also a probability that XNA can get into our inherited data of the DNA and RNA and cause damages, so safety measures must be taken beforehand.

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