Wireless PResentations for meetings

Presentations are important investments of time and effort for both the employees and the management in charge of leading the direction of the conference. Employees need to effectively assimilate and act on the facts presented, while managerial staff need to ensure that their message is well-conveyed and well-received, or in some cases, vice versa.

In summary, wireless presentation systems help the company achieve primary goals during a meeting by increasing efficiency, decreasing hassle, facilitating collaborative efforts, and improving the visibility and project-ability of the presentation both to and from a variety of device types, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

If all of that sounded like jargon to you, let us elaborate with the top 10 reasons to consider using a wireless presentation system to enhance your company’s presentations:

1. Cutting the Cables and Preliminary Duties

Usually, the first 5 minutes of a conference is consumed by the IT staff preparing cables and projector setups, making sure everyone in the room has a good view and all systems are working properly. Wireless projection systems completely eliminate this step by letting anyone quickly stream presentation content from their device to a projector or TV.

2. Enhancing Group Collaboration

Since multiple users can connect to the wireless presentation system, anyone in the room can quickly project their own contribution to the overall presentation, letting teams operate at maximum efficiency.

3. Presentations Streamed Directly from Any Device

With a wireless presentation system, you can stream any kind of presentation directly from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop onto most modern projectors and TVs. The presentation is streamed via Wi-Fi, so you could be across the board room, or even in a different room, streaming your portion of the presentation from your tablet, for example.

4. Turning Offices into Meeting Rooms Instantly

Projection systems can take up quite a bit of space, and require a rather extensive setup process in comparison to simply turning on a television. With the ability to project presentations onto TVs and monitors, you can quickly convert any part of the office into a makeshift conference area on-the-fly.

5. Displaying Information from Multiple Sources Simultaneously

Wireless presentation systems can connect to a large number of devices simultaneously, letting several members of your team chip in on the presentation with no need to take turns. While some advanced systems allow up to 64 devices to connect and contribute to the presentation, many companies find that 8-user systems like the Barco ClickShare from Videonations are more efficient and user-friendly in most conference settings.

6. Leaving a Lasting Impression

If your plan is to pitch a presentation to some executives and your main goal is to leave a lasting impression, wireless presentation systems give you the edge by showing your prospects that you’re tech-savvy and by eliminating the awkward, drawn out time it takes to set up a typical presentation system with wires.

7. Taking Presentations Beyond the Conference Room

Many businesses need to operate efficiently in the field or away from their main base of operations. Wireless presentation systems give you the freedom to quickly set up a company meeting on-the-go, whether you’re staying in a hotel on a business trip or visiting a client’s office. If you need to project a conference remotely, the next best thing would be setting up an online presentation.

8. Bringing the Presentation to the Screens of Individual Devices

In addition to connecting to TV’s, monitors, and projectors, wireless presentation systems can also stream presentation content directly to the devices of people in the conference room. This feature is helpful in situations where some of the viewers are too far from the presentation to clearly make out important stats and figures.

9. Saving Time and Hassle

At the core, wireless presentation systems save companies time and hassle by advancing presentation projection technology into the 21st century where it belongs. All of our other devices and digital communications have become wireless, so why not presentation systems as well?

10. Projecting Professionalism

Finally, when you walk into a boardroom or office and use a wireless presentation system to deliver a pitch or present a report, you’re not only projecting the content of the presentation, you’re also projecting an image of professionalism and tech-savviness.