Going off to college is always fun and exhilarating but when you are enrolled in Bible College, you are studying for so much more than a secular education. Living the faith is greater than any job you can train for but when attending Bible College, you are learning both a trade and the heart of the Christian message. What you bring with you will therefore be totally different than what many of your high school classmates are taking with them. Here are the top 10 things you will need for Bible College.

1) A Love of the Lord

If you are enrolled in Bible College, you surely must love the Lord. No matter what you bring with you, the very first thing you should bring is your sincere love of the Lord.

2) A Personal Relationship with the Lord

Attending Bible College is probably the first step in preparing you to bring the Good News to your fellow men and women. However, there is no way to ‘teach’ anyone about walking with the Lord unless you do so yourself. Ministering God’s word presupposes your personal relationship with the Lord, so this is one of the most important top ten things to bring with you.

3) The Heart of a Servant

No one ever said being a minister of any kind is going to be a lucrative career by the world’s standards. If you have been chosen to work for and in the Lord, you must have the heart of a servant. Don’t leave that behind when going to Bible College as you will be called upon time and again to serve your brothers and sisters.

4) A Place to Worship

Although most Bible Colleges have Sunday services right on campus, you may hunger for something more. When in college you will need to find a community to worship with. While it could be a gathering at your college, you may also wish to join a fellowship in your new area. It doesn’t matter which you choose, just make sure to find a community of believers to worship with.

5) Study Bible

There are so many translations of the Bible out there that only you know which one ‘speaks’ to you. Perhaps your faith dictates which translation you should use and then again, perhaps your Bible College only want their students to read a particular version. Whatever the case may be, you will need a reputable Bible to read from and study on a daily basis.

6) Strong’s Bible Concordance

There isn’t a Bible student who doesn’t need to have access to Strong’s Concordance so if you don’t have one currently, it’s time you invested in one. If the money isn’t available, there are online versions available to do your referencing and cross-referencing with.

7) Prayer Journal

Although you are miles away from home, don’t forget that daily prayer is important in your life. Whether you keep a journal to document your walk with the Lord or simply want a place to record prayer requests sent your way, you will definitely need a prayer journal.

8) Bible Cover

If you have invested in a good study Bible, chances are you are going to want to protect it from the elements and damage in general. Some like those found on Mary Square have pockets to hold keys and cell phones which make them perfectly suited to college students that never seem to have the ‘right place’ to hold all those little gadgets they carry around with them.

9) Mobile Device

When going off to college of any type, it is important to stay in touch with those at home. Whether through a quick phone call, a text message or an email, it is important to have a way to talk to those at home. From cell phones to iPads to tablets to notebooks, a mobile device is a must.

10) Educational Supplies

Of course any college student will need the usual paper, pens, notebooks, book covers and a million other things that will be required at daily classes. Although your area of study will be on the Bible and your Christian faith, you will still be a student needing all the normal supplies as any secular student would.

Now you are ready to begin a totally new phase of your life so make sure you have planned for all the contingencies. Mom and Dad won’t be there to wash your clothes, make sure you eat healthy foods and remind you to tidy up your room. Even so, you have a Best Friend that will be there with you through it all so rely on the Lord, walk with your friend and enjoy your college years. They only come once in a lifetime so use them well.