So, you’ve made it to college and now you are living your dream. You get to play college level sports and maybe one day you will get signed to the pros. This is every athlete’s dream, but if you don’t measure up, your chances of going pro are slim. Here are the top 10 tips for college athletes to help increase your odds of getting picked up by the pros.

1) Plan Early While Still in High School

You can never start planning too early for playing college sports. Not only do you want to be a valuable player in high school, but you need to start thinking about the cost factor. Unless you are picked up by a college scout, you will need to think seriously about getting a scholarship. Sites like have an extensive list of available scholarships for prospective college athletes.

2) You Don’t Need to Take the First Offer

When approached by scouts, you don’t need to take the first offer right away. See if other colleges offer you a better deal. Some even offer what is known as a ‘full ride’ where everything from tuition to room and board is paid for. This is what every student strives for.

3) Be a Team Player

No matter what sport you play, it is vital to be a team player. Even if you are on the swim team and not involved in relays, it is vital to show good sportsmanship with other members of the team. In college there is no room for prima donnas. One word from coach and those scouts will turn tail.

4) Attitude Is Everything

There will be times when you are not happy with coach but you can’t afford to show it! Maybe you aren’t chosen as a starter and you know you are better. Don’t let on that you feel this way as coach may simply be testing you.

5) Regular Workouts

You can’t afford to slack off, not for a single day. The way to excel in your given sport is to work out regularly and stay in the best shape possible. Winning athletes train daily.

6) Maintain Good Grades

All college sports only allow you to play for a certain number of years, typically four. If you fail classes and need to remain behind for a fifth year, you can count on doing that fifth year as a non-athlete.

7) Keep Your Focus

No matter what you do throughout the year, keep your focus. You want to get noticed by the pro scouts? Unless you keep your focus and do what it takes to stay in top shape and in good scholastic standing, you won’t have a chance.

8) Wholesome Living

We have all seen those movies where college students want to be party animals. If you have dreams of going pro, you need to lose sight of that concept. Wholesome living will move you several rungs up the ladder quite quickly.

9) Volunteer with Local Youth

You have a talent so share it with local youth that aren’t privy to the same benefits you had growing up. Coaches and scouts look favorably on college athletes who volunteer. If you can’t share your talents out of the goodness of your heart, at least volunteer as a prerequisite to getting noticed.

10) Train Even in Off Season

Finally, the life of an athlete never takes a break. So what if it is off season! Do you want to start next year out of shape and not in the first or even second string? If you have goals of going pro down the line, you must make it an everyday affair.

These tips should help you on your journey towards a pro career by way of college. Follow them religiously and you will be well on your way.