The world is full of ugly celebrities who probably gave nightmares to many children in the world. They are the living prove that money can’t buy everything.

1. Iggy Pop


Yes, I know, he is getting old, but let’s face it: Iggy pop, the renowned American singer, was always ugly, it has nothing to do with age, unfortunately!

2. Susan Boyle


The British singer Susan Boyle amazed the world with her voice in 2009, at the “Britain’s Got Talent” contest. In her defense, I must say that she never claimed to be a beauty queen. She may be one of the ugly celebrities of the world, but she does have a beautiful voice to compensate for it!

3. Donatella Versace


Apparently, having all the money in the world does not necessarily mean that one will become beautiful over night. It does mean though that one will TRY to be seen beautiful, but hey, you can’t full billions people even when you have more money than you can count in your account.

4. Jocelyn Wildenstein


The wife of the deceased billionaire Alec Wildenstein was a pretty lady back in the day. However, when it became obvious that her husband was not interested in her anymore, she started to visit a plastic surgeon, in order to become beautiful in her husband’s eyes, Unfortunately, the result was quite  the opposite, especially after having the bad idea of transforming herself into a big cat (knowing that her husband was a feline lover).

5. Marilyn Manson


When ranking the ugly celebrities in the world, Marilyn Manson comes naturally in one’s mind.  This man intentionally made himself look as ugly as possible, for the sake of publicity. The surprise is that under the tones of make-up, he actually looks normal!

6. Steve Tyler


The lead singer of Aerosmith may be ugly, but, amazingly, he fathered one of the most beautiful women in the world- actress Liv Tyler. Even more surprising is the fact that she actually takes after her father…What the….

7. D.J. Qualls


I like D.J. Qualls, he is a talented actor, but he is nowhere near handsome.  Thus, I was astonished to find out that he actually worked as a model!

8.  Pete Doherty


This British musician is one ugly celebrity, that’s for sure. He is also a drug addict, to make things worse. He MUST have some qualities though, since he dated Kate Moss and even convinced her to become his fiancée.

9. Mick Jagger


No disrespect to Sir Mick Jagger, the lead singer of the Rolling Stones and a living legend, but he is plain ugly, and nothing can be done about it. He does not seem to be affected by this fact though.

10. Courtney Love


Courtney Love did not have an easy life, despite her being a talented singer and her struggle with drugs made things even drugs. Thus, it comes as no surprise that, despite her being quite beautiful in her early years, she is concluding this list of ugly celebrities today.

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