Top 10 Video Game Cats Animal Crossing

Ahh, the eternal battle between cats and dogs lovers. Which is better? No, don’t start immediately pointing fingers at dogs because cats can be great too. With their small judgemental eyes and that cute furry face, cats are here to stay. Not to mention that in Ancient Egypt cats were the guardians of the dead. Pretty cool job, don’t you think?

Since cats are known mostly for their laziness and totally chill attitude, video game cats are the same. It is pretty hard finding a helpful cat in a game. Imagine Grumpy Cat helping you beat the game’s Boss. Never going to happen! Here is a list of top 10 video games cats.

1. Big the Cat, Sonic the Hedgehog Series


 Big the Cat is in Top 10 Video Game Cats



Trademark: a big fluffy blue cat. Big is a gentle cat but a little slow sometimes, if you know what I mean. Best known for being one of Sonic’s friends, he loves fishing and keeps his rod and lure with him at all times. Big also made a cameo in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games as one of the referees.

2. Cats, Sims Pets

Top 10 Video Game Cats include Sims Cats

They are exactly like real life cats. No point in sugar coating. They will do whatever they want and go wherever they want. What little control you have over them is that you can choose from a few species and the color. But if you do not love them enough pet services will come and take them away.

3. Bubsy, The Bubsy Series

 Bubsy is part of Top 10 Video Game Cats

In the 90s it was all about Nintendo and Sega. Nintendo had Mario while Sega had Sonic. Accolade needed to step up and follow the trends. This is how Bubsy the cat was born. Looking at him now, he kind of has the Jazz Jackrabbit vibe. He was included in a top of most hated video game mascots from the 90s.

4. Blinx, Blinx The Time Sweeper

Blinx is part of Top 10 Video Game Cats


This cat was a pretty cool one. Well he was the star of “The World’s First 4D Action Game”. Blinx runs around in his cool clothes with his magical vacuum cleaner. His mission is of course to save the princess. Cats should be agile but this one is slow and does have poor aim.

5. Dusty, Gravity Rush

Dusty is part of our Top 10 Video Game Cats


This is one hell of a cat. Look at how shiny he is. Dusty reminds me of the night sky because he is mostly made out of white tiny shiny dots shaped like a cat. If you touch Dusty during the game, the cat will disappear then reappear. Pretty whimsical.

6. Cats, Animal Crossing


Top 10 Video Game Cats include Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is full of marvellous cats that are there in the background, watching your every move, silently. Way too many cats in this game. Since it is a real life simulation game, all the cats here just stand there being really creepy and watch you all the time.

7. Katt Monroe, Star Fox 64


Katt Monroe Star is in our Top 10 Video Game CatsShe is a female feline empowerment cat, in a twisted way. A bad-ass character on Star Fox 64. She is a great pilot and although Katt is not an official member of the team, she is always there to help them when they are in a pinch.

8. The Khajiit, Elder Scrolls Series

The Khajiit  can be found in our Top 10 Video Game Cats

Special abilities: stealth, natural agility. They are also known to talk about themselves in the third person. These cats have cool names like J’zargo and Kharjo . Like real cats they are confident, arrogant and a bit crazy. Oh and they have a production of Moon Sugar. Yummy

9. Cait Sith, Final Fantasy VII

Cait Sith is in our Top 10 Video Game Cats


He is not an actual cat but a stuffed toy cat. And why not make it even weirder. He also rides on the back of a stuffed Mog toy, who is remotely controlled. Cait Sith also wears a crown and uses his megaphone to yell at the other stuffed toy. Another strange element is that Cait Sith is equipped for battle but the Mogul is the one fighting after he is being yelled at through the megaphone. Final Fantasy sure does have one good story.

10. Meowth, Pokémon Series

Meowth is part of our Top 10 Video Game Cats


Aww Meowth, the most famous video game cat. He was one of the coolest Pokémon characters in the television series because he could talk. He was very different from other Pokémons because he was almost the only one able to talk and walk on two legs. Meowth as a video game character was welcomed with mixed feelings. Other said he was loveable, some compared him to Snorlax, useless and overrated. Meowth still remains one cool Pokémon  to me.

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