Top 10 Weird Foods From Around the World

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Some of us are aware of the fact that we’re pretty selective when it comes to what we eat. It’s not really a willing choice, but rather an aftermath of the fact that our taste buds grow to be pickier the more we are exposed to high-quality foods. We probably all know the saying, “Don’t say you don’t like something unless you try it first.” In many cases, this can be a true culinary Russian roulette. If we end up not liking the dish, it often leaves an aftertaste that haunts us for the rest of our lives.

As a general rule, for many of us, if the appearance or the sound of a meal isn’t appealing, chances are we probably won’t like it. The same thing can be said about the Top 10 Weird Foods From Around the World. What’s so bad about them, you say? Proceed and find out.

Also, warning — unless you’re used to the consumption of these foods, you might find them a bit gross.

Weird Foods

#10 Fried Brain Sandwiches

Kicking off the list is Hannibal Lecter’s favorite burger. Don’t worry, though, there isn’t any human meat in the composition of this, er, delicacy. Enjoyed in several places around the world, USA included, this dish is made from deeply-fried calves of pig brains. Those who had the guts to try it reported that it doesn’t really have much of a taste, so it needs to be seasoned with lots of sauces and additional ingredients.

Weird Foods

#9 Hakarl

A very daring Icelandic dish, the hakarl is essentially rotten shark meat. They don’t let it ferment out of some strange whim, however, as it’s the only way to ensure that the otherwise poisonous Greenland shark doesn’t accidentally kill anyone consuming it. Apparently, trying to get past the ammonia smell and the fetid taste is truly a trial.

Weird Foods

#8 Haggis

Considered to be Scotland’s traditional meal, haggis is a cocktail of sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs mixed with onion, oatmeal, and spices then all stuffed into the sheep’s stomach. If you manage to get past this carnivore nightmare, this dish is supposedly a great source fiber and iron.

Weird Foods

#7 Khash

The translation of this dish’s name is “head and hoof.” Wondering why? That’s because it literally contains heads and hoofs – of cows, to be exact. The animal feet are the central focus of the meal, but it’s often accompanied by the already deduced head and the stomach. Don’t worry, though, they aren’t served whole. Instead, they’re all mushed together into a paste. Is that better or worse?

Weird Foods

#6 Fugu

Japan takes dining to a whole new level of thrills and peril. The star of this dish is the Fugu fish, which is packed with deadly poison. Chefs that choose to prepare this meal undergo entire years of training to ensure that they won’t accidentally get someone killed at a family dinner.

Weird Foods

#5 Fried Spiders

Is it too late to drop an arachnophobia warning? These terrifying crawlies are turned into crunchy delicacies that are very popular in the Cambodia, especially in the town Skuon. Rumor has it that they came into play during the rule of the tyrant Khmer Rouge, when the town’s inhabitants were forced to find new sources of food.

Weird Foods

#4 Sannakji

Eating fried tarantulas might seem like a nightmare, but at least, they’re not moving. This is, unfortunately, the case of the octopi which compose this South Korean dish. Left on the verge of life and death, these sea crawlers are served raw and with a drop of sesame oil. Tentacle suckers can attach to the neck of the consumer and there have been several reported instances that have resulted in death.

Weird Foods

#3 Casu Marzu

Hey, that’s just sheep’s milk cheese! What can be bad about it? Probably the fact that its secret ingredient is live maggots. Let’s not go into further detail because, surely, it’s difficult not to gag, but let’s just say that there are flies and eggs involved.

Weird Foods

#2 Escamoles

Also from the category of really questionable insect spawn based dishes, here come the escamoles. This Mexican dish’s core is made by ant larvae, and it dates back to the time of the Aztecs. Look, they had the excuse of not being exposed to many alternatives, but wouldn’t it be the time to let this meal die? How about a pizza instead?

Weird Foods

#1 Balut

This Philippines dish is bound to make even the biggest carnivore want to abandon meat forever. Eggs are basic ingredients all over the world, but what about eggs that still contain almost fully developed bird embryos? Let’s genuinely hope never to see the day when they will grow up to become common omelet ingredients.

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