The goofy images are among the top 7 ridiculous aspects in Spectre.

Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you haven’t seen Spectre! You have been warned.

Fans of the 007 agent have been patiently waiting for the new movie called Spectre to hit movie theaters. After the success of the new series of movies with Daniel Craig as the main character, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, we were expecting Spectre to blow our minds once again. Unfortunately, it was not the case. Not even the very talented Christoph Waltz could save the movie. The last installment has lost all its seriousness and looks more like its predecessors from the 1960s than the modern series we are used to.

The following list puts together the top 7 ridiculous aspects in Spectre, which have made the movie hardly believable.

1. The Cartoonish Look

The goofy images are among the top 7 ridiculous aspects in Spectre.

The Spectre movie tends to return to the old ways of the first movies in the James Bond series. We have seen the advanced technology used in previous films, but the instruments used in the last installment included the ejector seats of a sports car, torture machines and exploding watches. Another difference is that the previous three movies gave a serious tonality to the franchise, which has been all but mocked by Spectre. The childish look of the movie also makes it hardly believable and might turn boring to some.

2. The Bad Timing

Swann, Bond’s lover, decides to dump him just before the big confrontation with the villain. That can be considered absurd since just a few moments ago she was declaring her love, and out of a sudden she just doesn’t want to go through with it anymore. However, taking into consideration the duration of Bond’s relationships, maybe Swann just wanted to get out of it with dignity. Still, she could have waited until his mission ended. This is one of the numerous faults of the too simple script.

3. The Train Scene

The train scene was weird enough to make it into the top 7 ridiculous aspects in Spectre.

One of the top bizarre scenes was also one of the most action packed of the movie. The fight starts in the restaurant area of a train, between Bond, helped by Swan, and an assassin sent to kill him. After completely destroying the interior of the train and defeating the assassin, Swann turns towards Bond, asking him what they should do. The close-up is abruptly cut to a love scene between the two, and that’s it. No witnesses, no repercussions, no one asking questions. Very realistic.

4. The Hacking Scene

The movie also included a typical, cliche scene, where Q has to hack the surveillance network of the villain. After repeatably hitting the keyboard in anger and yelling, he manages to get into the system and save the day just in time. While some scenes are classic and can be reused hundreds of times without being annoying or boring, this just didn’t do the trick this time.

5. The Motivation of the Villain

The top 7 ridiculous aspects in Spectre includes the reasoning of the villain.

The villain of the movie is revealed to be a recycled one from the 1960s movies, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Mike Myers also borrowed the character, renaming him Dr. Evil for his parody series Austin Powers. Since James Bond’s parents died when he was young, Blofeld’s dad very kindly took him along with his son on ski trips. Apparently, this triggered a feeling of jealousy which led to the currents actions of the villain: completely destroying James Bond. Well, some people take it certain things too seriously. However, this theme doesn’t work in the Bond movies.

6. The Approach of the Villain

There are numerous movies which present their villains as quite dumb. Spectre is no exception. In most of the cases the approached is played for comic effect, but it doesn’t seem to be the case for this movie. The carelessness of the villain can be best remarked in a scene when he ties Bond to a chair, equipped with a small drill near his head. However, Blofeld completely forgot to restrain Bond’s partner, Swann, and she helps him escape. After this scene, all the seriousness of the movie is truly gone. A person who has access to the networks of intelligence from the whole world should know that a gun is more effective.

7. The Risks

The lack of risk can add to the top 7 ridiculous aspects in Spectre.

Along with the scenes mentioned earlier, the lack of true risks is what makes the movie seem quite childish. There is no moment when the viewers will fear for the life of the protagonist, be it the fighting or torture scenes. Spectre, which is the evil organization which aims to access the intelligence networks of the world is not at all menacing, since no real reason or goal is given throughout the movie. Last but not least, James Bond himself never looks at least a bit concerned by any situation he encounters. If the main character is not afraid, why should we be?

The top 7 ridiculous aspects in Spectre are just the ones that catch the eye, but there are others more subtly hid in the movie. In the end, Spectre is a bit of a disappointment, even if fans will go to watch it despite the reviews they read.


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